About Us

Why Do was created with the single goal in mind – to help people expand the horizons of their knowledge. “Why Do” questions are one of the most commonly asked questions, and they can keep you baffled for a long time!

We are working round the clock to answer all the “why do” questions you may have!

Our Mission

To help people expand the horizons of their knowledge by answering the most common “why do” questions!

Our Core Values

Authenticity – All the information on our website is original, genuine and based on real-life experiences of our experts.

Communication – We ensure we collect all the queries and suggestions shared by our users regularly and resolve/incorporate them.

Teamwork – The information on our website is a combination of our experts’ views and personal experiences shared by our users.

How Why Do Works

Why Do Blogs – Get access to a wide variety of information (both casual and useful) related to all your why do questions!

Featured Videos – Not fond of reading? Don’t worry! A lot of our work can be found in the form of videos!

Categorization – We make finding answers to your questions easier by allowing you to directly search the keywords or by simply browsing our plethora of categories from the “categories” page!

Our Team

The team at Why Do comprises journalists, nature-experts, researchers and writers! The team is led by:

Jennifer Moon

Email – [email protected]

Jennifer Moon is the Editor-in-Chief and lead author at WhyDo. She has 15+ years of experience in writing and has worked as a lead researcher in the field of Environmental Sciences. Jennifer, like most of us, had the same “Why Do” questions and that’s how Why.Do came into existence!. She is responsible for guiding and mentoring the editorial team at WhyDo, and ensuring that only authentic and valuable information is published on the website.