Why do girls gain weight after marriage

You must have heard a many newlywed females complaining about their expanding waists and overall weight gain. The most common reason that most of such women hold responsible for their post marriage weight gain is the repeated sex, as they feel it makes their hips voluminous. However, this is simply a myth because weight gain after marriage is simply a result of careless behavior and the following factors.
No more diet control
A strong desire to look flawless on the wedding day makes soon to be brides keep a check on their diet. However, as soon as the wedding day passes by, many females let go of all the dietary controls and simply concentrate on having fun with their partner. This is a major reason that is responsible for a post marriage weight gain in women.
Changed eating habits
Out of the numerous changes that come in life after marriage, change in eating habits is one. To adjust in a new family, a newlywed woman adopts eating habits that are prevalent in her husband’s home. This type of adjustment is usually minimal if the marriage takes place in the same culture, and the adjustment is tough and major if it is an inter-cultural marriage. This change of food habit turns out to be a weight gain factor for many females.
The end of the partner search
Women pay close attention to the way they look before marriage, as it is a requisite for finding a prospective groom. After settling down with the special someone, some women stop taking sufficient care of their looks. Looking unattractive haunts them no more, as they aren’t supposed to please anyone anymore.
Eating out often
Newly married couples in efforts to spend more time with each other plan more outings. Resultantly, they end up eating out quite often. Moreover, they get to attend several dinner parties hosted by their family members, relatives, neighbors, and friends. The calorie rich food that women have at all such parties soon show up as their enhanced weight.
The priority change
Before marriage, women easily get time for themselves, as they are at the top of their priority list. However, most of the women tend to bring themselves down on their own priority list. They start giving more importance to pleasing their in-laws and keeping their partners happy. Doing all this, they get exhausted, indulge in cravings, and eventually put on weight.
Family planning
Some women soon after their marriage start thinking and preparing themselves for childbirth. As their mind keeps engrossed with all such thoughts, they forget thinking about their own self and end up gaining some weight.
Post marriage, women tend to get too busy in their life doing household chores and managing their offices. After a tiring day, their body demands rest and they tend to sleep more and become lazy. The more the laziness, the more are the chances of weight gain.

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