Is NASCAR a Sport?

So, is NASCAR a sport? Numerous activities are debated worldwide as to whether or not you can classify them as sports. Golf, poker, and darts are a few examples. However, NASCAR racing is the most contentious when categorizing it as a sport.

NASCAR, by many definitions, is a sport since the athletes require physical training.

For a long time, participants raced to a series of regulations in a competitive context. For example, NASCAR pit crew members must be in high physical and psychological condition. There’s certainly a lot of expertise involved.

Yet, while we go into why NASCAR would be a sport and what other sports standards it complies with, let’s look at why several people don’t think it is a sport. These are just a few top famous, and they’re all arguable.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Is NASCAR Driving Considered a Sport?

Yes, NASCAR driving is, indeed, considered a sport. The reason behind this is that Wikipedia defines sport as “an athletic action involving skills or physical prowess frequently and has a competitive nature, such as sprinting, football, handball, golfing, bowling, boxing, wrestling, hunting finishing, and so on.” Since the nature of NASCAR matches, most of the attributes above the discussion should end here.

Why Is NASCAR Racing Considered a Sport?

Why Is NASCAR Racing Considered a Sport?
Why Is NASCAR Racing Considered a Sport?

NASCAR racing is considered a competitive automobile racing sport since drivers suffer 2-5 G’s every 15 seconds in just a length of 150 meters. Only 3 seconds on a roller coaster is sufficient to make someone throw up, not overlooking 15 seconds. When the drivers collide, they can suffer up to 70 Gs. Even though guys are sitting, they burn 2400 calories during the race. They also maintain a consistent heart rate of around 180 for nearly every race.

The pit workers must then:

  • Jump more than a wall
  • Jack up a 2.6-tonne car
  • Change two tires
  • Go to the opposite side
  • Jack up the 2.6-tonne NASCAR car again
  • Change two more tires
  • Fill it up with 22 gallons of gas
  • Add and remove tapes
  • Strip off a windshield strip

All this in 15 seconds. Finally, this sport requires as much strategy as baseball, cricket, volleyball, athletics, and hockey, all while running cars for 4-5 hour straight.

Are NASCAR Drivers Considered Athletes?

Are NASCAR Drivers Considered Athletes?
Are NASCAR Drivers Considered Athletes?

Yes, NARCAR drivers are considered professional athletes. A professional athlete is indeed an individual who performs a service for a professional athletic event for monetary or other rewards. In addition, NASCAR drivers compete in a car of a racing team in such a professional sports event for which the teams compensate them. Hence they fall within the definition of “Athletes.”

Numerous activities are debated worldwide as to whether we can classify them as a sport. Golf, poker, and darts are a few examples, but NASCAR auto racing is definitely a sport and it mustn’t be debated.

Why Do People Think NASCAR Isn’t a Sport?

Why Do People Think NASCAR Isn't a Sport?
Why Do People Think NASCAR Isn’t a Sport?

Traditional Sports

When most people think of sports, they think of football, volleyball, and any variety of ball sports. Instead, they might pursue sports, swimming, or cycling. Athletes often perform these sports globally, although they may also appear in tournaments such as the Olympics. NASCAR is not normally the first thing that springs to mind when people hear the word “sport.”

However, only because NASCAR does not compete in the Olympics or other sports international association events should it not be dismissed as a sport. Squash and cricket, for example, are sports, yet they do not appear there in the Olympics during the time of writing. There are lots of NASCAR fans who think it is a sport.

Physical Exertion

Take, for example, ball sports. For example, a tennis player spends most of a match racing around the court, striking the ball across the net for all to see. The same thing is happening in football and basketball, except that teams are actively trying to attain a goal by physically moving onto a court or field.

In a NASCAR race, though, you rarely see the NASCAR driver. You see, the automobile, yes. However, the driver does appear to be performing much in any way of physical exertion. This is true for many Texas motor speedways. Hence, it is simple for most people to dismiss it by saying, “They’re simply competitive driving the car around in rounds for just a couple of hours.”

Not Very Popular

However, as we will discover in the next sections, this is not the case. NASCAR is among the highest seen texas motor speedways worldwide. Therefore it’s only reasonable to examine it thoroughly to see if it truly qualifies as a sport in the classic sense.

The Competition Factor

Definition of a Sport

Suppose we try googling the meaning of a sport. In that case, we will receive many results from multiple dictionaries, all of which outline approximately the same thing. For example, must-have sports elements of a competition, a demand for ability rather than luck to be successful, involve physical activity, and frequently compete as just a job or merely for amusement.

The competition aspect necessitates that athletes play the sport according to a predetermined body of norms, with champions being individuals who achieve a specific goal while sticking to such restrictions. Mostly in the context of NASCAR, there is no debate about the presence of competition. There are three main NASCAR cup series, the Cup, Trucks, and NASCAR Xfinity series.

Clear Rules

There are clearly defined rules for each. With drivers and teams all aiming toward a goal in every race that is reaching the finishing line first and one overriding aim throughout the competition – being NASCAR Champion. So NASCAR has checked the first box of becoming eligible as a sport.

The Skills Required in NASCAR

The Skills Required in NASCAR
The Skills Required in NASCAR

Skill vs. Luck

The next aspect of becoming a sport is the requirement for ability rather than luck. Playing slot machines at the casinos for hours cannot be regarded as a sport because it depends entirely on chance, no matter how skillful the player believes they are. However, sports like soccer and tennis clearly demand a high level of ability to defeat your opponents.

Many individuals will not need convincing that NASCAR demands a great deal of skill. However, as we stated in the opening section, many more believe NASCAR needs none at all. They believe the drivers just drive in circles.

Lots Of Skills Needed

However, NASCAR racers are not simply going in circles; they are racing with a speed close to 200mph against 39 other nearly similarly skilled drivers. Instead, they must be able to time perfectly and understand where to go after an overtaking and when to hold back with quick critical reactions.

You can nearly forget all you learned as a driver at these speeds. For example, you must be able to spin a steering wheel with incredibly precise motions while keeping an eye on whoever is around you at all times. For example, you’re driving so close to other cars to get a slipstream before perfectly planning the overtake to proceed through a pack of NASCAR racing cars. 

More Than Just Turning Left

More Than Just Turning Left
More Than Just Turning Left

Even minor errors might lead to tragedy. For example, thousands of automobile accidents occur every year. But, just a portion of them occurs in NASCAR racing. So, it is easy to understand how skillful the drivers truly are as they go to the circuits. Never mind, there are also road courses on the NASCAR schedule that completely defy the concept of driving in a circle — more on that in this post.

Final Words – Is NASCAR a sport?

Despite what people believe when they see races, NASCAR is indeed a sport in which drivers must be physically strong to handle the hard circumstances of a race and be highly competent to win. The competition adheres to tight rules, and the entertainment provided by NASCAR cements its place as one of the world’s most popular sports. NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. NASCAR stock cars are very highly modified. We just cannot compare NASCAR with some other stock car racing.

Many people consider that NASCAR is not a sport, but if you’re a NASCAR fan, you’ll know that they are wrong and that NASCAR is indeed a sport. So if you look inside a Sprint Cup Series garage, you’ll know that NASCAR cars are different from other ordinary cars.

This was a complete guide on whether NASCAR is a sport or not.