Why do People Smoke Weed

For centuries, people around the world have enjoyed smoking weed. Scientifically known as Cannabis, the plant containing psychoactive compounds has several other names like joint, pot, grass, herb, boom, etc. Cannabis legalization is a boiling hot topic in the contemporary world. While some stress that it should be legalized, some others advocate that legalizing it will result into a disaster.

There are several reasons why people prefer smoking weed. Out of which, recreation is the most important.


Probably the most important reason why people like to smoke pot is recreation. Many of you typically don’t know that weed smoking is one of the most popular recreational activities.

Most people around the world enjoy smoking weed for refreshing minds with friends or all alone by themselves.


It is clinically proved that marijuana imparts anaesthetic effects. Hence, many people like to have it for relaxing. It’s been said that people accustomed to the traditional use of marijuana regularly used it for relaxing after finishing all heavy chores of the day.

Interestingly, weed is available in form of medically prescribed pills and tablets to patients suffering from anxiety and other disorders.


Marijuana has a psychoactive compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A psychoactive compound is capable of affecting the brain in such a way that it increases concentration power. As such, numerous people all across the planet like to smoke weed for increasing concentration.

For illustrators and painters to musicians and writers, make use of pot smoking to add a new aspect to their art.


Whilst marijuana is available as pills and tablets available on medical subscription to fight depression, some people take it during the depression. This helps them ease out on all the instant uproar going in their heads.

However, it’s strictly advised not to do so as its long-term over-consumption might lead to undesirable consequences. Hence, it’s better to see a doctor if you’re thinking to consume marijuana for tackling depression.

Temporary Escape

For some people, it is essential to regularly escape all the hustle and bustle of the world and enjoy a nice peaceful time. This is their escape. Yes, several people like to smoke weed when they need a temporary escape from the so-called reality.

Other than smoking, weed can be consumed in form of pills, tablets, and other eatables. Typically, marijuana is a mix, varying from brown to green in colour, of dried leaves and flowers from a marijuana plant.

Smoking weed seems fun but has its own downsides. Most of all is the impact of tobacco that is mandatory to be used along with. Therefore, give a second thought to the fact before deciding whether or not someone should smoke weed or shouldn’t.