Why Do People Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

There is a growing interest of people in rock climbing. While there has been an improvement in the technology and techniques to perform it, people are getting more attracted toward the sport. Although rock climbing has risks and physical challenges, people still have several reasons to take it up.

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Why do people go to Europe


Survey any travel company situated in Europe and you’d find that it remains the hottest destination for tourists around the world. While it may seem like everyone wants to vacation in Asia or the Caribbean these days, Europe’s tourist economy is booming like never before. We examine some of the reasons that prompt people to visit Europe.

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Why do people go to private schools

Private School

Public schools are known for being populated with kids from all strata of society. While it seems fine from a socialist point of view, this arrangement doesn’t appeal to parents who are worried about their kids mixing with the “wrong” kind so crowds. A lot of parents place their kids in private schools in the hopes of ensuring a better future for them. We examine some of the other reasons that tell us why people go to private schools.

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Why do people go to church on Sunday


In the Christian world and the cultures that have come to follow the Christian calendar, Sunday is the first day of the week. It is the day when Christians go to church and it also established as a day of rest. While it isn’t always clear to members of the general public why Sunday has been marked as the day when they need to go to church. Let’s find out the reasons behind the phenomenon.

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Why do people go to Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington DC isn’t really a tourist destination. Judging by the standards of most capital cities around the world, DC is a rather laid back city. Even though the world’s gaze is constantly turned towards the city because of the fact that it is seat of the U.S. administration for a better part of the year, hearing someone say that they are visiting DC still begs the average person to ask “why”. We examine some of the reasons that explain why people go to Washington DC.

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Why do people go to Walsingham


Located in the English county of Norfolk, the village of Walsingham may not feature all that prominently on international tourist maps but for European and Christian travelers, the village is an essential stop during a tour of the UK and Europe. Here are a few other reasons that prompt people to go to Walsingham.

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Why do people go to Queenstown


A simple trip to the region is enough to understand why Queenstown is one of the top visitor destinations in New Zealand. Offering excellent food and wine options boutique shopping and  spa treatments to indulge in, Queenstown appears like any other first world tourist spot and the town does live up to its adventure-centric fame by offering plenty of sightseeing tours walking and hiking trails and even hardcore adventure options. Here are some other options that make people visit Queenstown.

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Why do people go to Antarctica


If you look at a map of the world, you know that we have a continent called Antarctica located at the extreme south of the planet. But the continent simply does not feature on any tourist maps given how it isn’t ideal for a spring break or summer vacay. However, plenty of people still make the high risk journey to the continent and we try to find out what drives them to make the trip.

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Why do people go to Amsterdam


We can’t say with any certainly when it came to be so, but sometime in the last two decades, Amsterdam went from being a regular old European capital city to an essential stop on the backpacker’s itinerary. While there are several sane reasons that prompt people to visit the city like work or a sporting event, there are plenty of darker ulterior motives too. We find out what makes people go to Amsterdam.

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Why do people go to America


Around the world, people believe that everyone in America has a nice job and lives in a large, 4-bedroom house fitted with the most modern luxuries and a white picket fence that overlooks an idyllic and peaceful street. Even though that really isn’t true, millions flock to America each year. We examine the reason that makes people go to America.

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