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Why do babies drool

Why do babies drool

Most of the times you will find babies drooling and wetting their clothes. Before understanding the reasons which make them drool we need to understand what saliva is and what its function is. Saliva is a natural oral secretion which helps in keeping our mouth wet and aids in digesting food. Saliva also keeps washing teeth and keeps germs and dirt away. In addition, saliva also lubricates the lining of esophagus and keeps the acidity reflux controlled in children. It also contains a healthy substance called epidural growth factor which helps the intestinal lining mature fast.

Now, babies begin to drool at an amazing rate at around three months of age because their teeth begin to travel upwards through the gum. This sudden growth kind of stimulates saliva production in kids and the baby begins to drool all the time though the final appearance of tooth will be between 6 to 8 months of age, the process has started quite early in your baby’s gums. Some babies drool more than others. Since these tiny tots have not learnt to control their oral secretions and the saliva is bound to come downwards due to law of gravity, you always find your baby wetting the bibs throughout the day.

Sometimes excessive drooling can cause rashes on baby’s mouth. In such a case you can apply some emollient ointment on your baby’s cheeks and mouth. Ask your doctor about the best ointment for your baby. Sometimes, this excessive saliva collects in baby’s throat and can cause the baby cough. Though harmless but it can disturb your baby’s sleep. You can avoid this by making your baby sleep on her side.

So, next time when you are tired of changing bibs, remember drooling is helping your kid grow and hence is good for his overall health and well being.

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