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Why Do Cats Nibble Grass

Why Do Cats Nibble Grass

It is not just limited to street cats but your pet cats also nibble grass when they get a chance. If you have noticed your cat doing the same and have wondered about this behavior, then let us tell you that cats nibble grass for some reasons. Although they do not have the required enzymes in their bodies to digest grass, they still eat it because grass can support the digestion of some unwanted stuff that they actually eat as their food.

For instance, when cats find their prey and eat it in full, they intake indigestible matter along with the meat. As it is a pain to pass this matter through the intestines, they better nibble grass that makes them vomit out the indigestible stuff. If they have fur, hair or bones in their digestive tract, then all of it is eliminated along with grass. Thus, this behavior is simply adopted to find relief.

Another theory proposed by some people is that cats nibble grass to gain several nutrients out of it. Grass contains folic acid that helps in forming hemoglobin in cats. It also has chlorophyll that can keep the cats away from pains, ulcers, and some kinds of infections. Additionally, grass contains a few vitamins and minerals, as well as moisture. All this is liked by cats as you like a food supplement for nourishing your body.

Still, the theory does not have strong proofs to back it up. However, some other individuals feel that cats like the taste of grass and feel good while having it. There are also pet owners who believe that grass offers relief to the sore throat of a cat. While there are several theories, it is true that cats like to nibble grass. It is advisable that you make some grass accessible to your cat. Else, they can feed themselves upon some toxic plants present in your house. While that can be dangerous, you should also ensure to keep only non-toxic plants inside when you pet a cat.

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