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Why do dogs get fleas

Why do dogs get fleas

Fleas are fairly common in pets. If you have cats or dogs in your house, you will find that they are getting fleas very frequently. There is no particular reason for which domestic animals, especially dogs, get fleas. However, we have listed down a few common facts about the fleas, and why they infest dogs.

  1. Fleas are basically a type of parasite, known as “Ectoparasite,” which live on the outer surface or ectoderm of host organisms. They suck blood from the body of their hosts in order to stay alive and replicate. As dogs are the most common household animals, it becomes easy for these creatures to infest as well as affect them.
  2. A warm and damp environment is the best for fleas to live and grow. Usually, the base, the area around the tail and the abdominal region in a dog offer a perfect setting that a flea needs to survive and reproduce. That is why dogs are considered as the first choice of fleas.
  3. Fleas are found almost anywhere. From the grass of your yards to the medium-sized plants of your nearby parks, you can find fleas all over the place. Therefore, when you take your doggy outside for a walk, it becomes much easier for them to infest your pet and ingest his blood.
  4. Another reason behind the infestation of fleas in dogs is the ability of the parasites to sense the existence of the most suitable hosts. Whether it is the increased amount of carbon dioxide or small vibrations caused in the air, fleas can easily detect these. Therefore, when a dog enters a flea-infested area, fleas can easily identify them and make their bodies their abodes.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of dog fleas is to prevent your doggy from going outside. You can also use commercial products available in the market for reducing flea infestation in your pets.

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