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Why do kids stink

Why do kids stink

Remember the other day when your kid entered the house after playing in the ground and your house was filled up with dirty smell? Or you are the anxious parent of your growing son who stinks 20 hours a day? Do you worry about the reasons as to what makes your kids stink so badly?

During their growing years, kids tend to be a bit careless about personal hygiene. Some kids do not brush their teeth while some others so not like to take bath daily. There are others who keep wearing the same pair of dirty socks till it starts emanating sickening smell. Some children play in the ground merrily in the mud and slush and forget to wash their hand, feet and face thoroughly after the hearty session of sports. In such cases, bacteria tend to get accumulated and cause dirty smell. If not cleaned properly it can cause infections and allergies.

Some kids stink because they tend to sweat a lot more than other people. It is important to ensure that your kid wears cotton clothes only. Cotton tends to absorb sweat and lets the air breath. Ask your kid to take bath twice a day and during summers use talcum powder.

Sometimes, neglect of personal hygiene is a result of depression or some other mental / emotional problem. If you find a lack of personal hygiene along with other symptoms like declining academic performance, behavior changes, troubled relationship with peers then do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician. This may be a passing phase and your kid may pass it if you pay proper attention and care without being judgmental.

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