Why do men love breasts


Feminine beauty and appeal is measured by the shape and size of their breasts.  Breasts have been the center of male attention for centuries. It is not a hidden fact that men of all ages feel fascinated by the female breasts. The reason for this is both social and psychological. The mammal glands are secondary sex organs which help in the process of reproduction. When a child is born, the mother feeds the baby with the milk that is produced in her breasts. The necessity of mother’s milk for the well-being of a boy cannot be emphasized enough. The attraction that men feel for this feminine body part is a matter that needs some delving and discussion.

As the female breasts are bigger and rounder than the male breasts women have been taught to keep it covered from ages. At the beginning of mankind when clothes got invented women used to cover the upper and lower part of their bodies whereas men generally just covered the lower parts. Curiosity plays the key role here. The difference of body structure in men and women evokes curiosity and then this curiosity turns into fascination.

In other mammal species there is no role of breasts in sexual intercourse. Breasts are out of reach areas that a man doesn’t get to touch if he wishes like he can do with the hand or even cheek. The restrictions set by humans inspire the desires and fantasies. Men get sexual stimulation from touching and even thinking about breasts. Male babies are fed by their mothers and the experience of sucking on the mother’s breasts remains in the subconscious of men and they attach it with pleasure. Women also get stimulation when their breasts are touched and this also evokes the sexual passion of men. The fascination for breasts is a bit over hyped by the media to cash on the male fantasy.