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Why do men urinate blood

Why do men urinate blood

Both men and women can have blood in their urine but it is more common in women. The presence of blood in the urine of men is termed hematuria. The blood can cause the urine to turn pink or red. Some men have found that their blood turned a muddy or rusty color due to the presence of blood. The blood clots can be visible. If the blood clots are big in size the affected person can find it difficult to urinate. Hematuria is generally categorized as visible and invisible depending on the visibility of blood and change of the color of urine.

One of the causes of blood in urine can be accident and injury to the lower back or abdomen. If you find blood in your urine then you should immediately consult your physician and take his/ her advice. If you have been feeling tired lately and has lost weight then maybe you are suffering from a disease that has affected the tissue outside the urinary tract. Kidney stones can also cause blood to be present in male urine. Men who have crossed fifty are vulnerable to prostrate related disease. Sometimes the presence of blood cannot be seen with bare eyes.

Only medical tests can determine the presence of blood. Men should get their health checkup done on a regular basis to find out if they have blood in their urine and if their prostrate has enlarged. One of the symptoms of infection in the bladder, kidney or urinary tract is the need to urinate often and fever. Cramp pains around the kidney and lower abdomen can point towards kidney stone. BPH or benign prostrate hyperplasia is another disease that can cause bleeding. Sickle cell anemia and cancer can also cause bleeding with urination.

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