Why do people cyberbully

Why do people cyberbully

Bullying in general is a huge social problem. However, with the spread of the internet, bullying too has taken on a new form and cyberbullying has become more rampant than ever before. However, most of us simply do not understand why seemingly normal people would take to cyberbullying. We examine the root causes behind this astounding phenomenon.


The biggest reason why most people indulge in cyberbullying is because they can do so while protecting their own identity. By withholding identity, one can say the nastiest thing about someone else and escape the consequences or punishment that such a behavior may garner. Bullying itself is an act of cowardice and cyberbullying makes it even more so since the bully does not have to deal with the physical response of the emotional hurt that they are inflicting on their victim,

Not knowing the consequences

Most cyberbullies think that they or their “friends” are being funny when they indulge in cyberbullying. Because they don’t get to see the reaction of their victims in person, they cannot comprehend the consequences of what they assume is funny or normal bantering on the internet. Moreover, cyberbullies often do not get caught and hence escape punishment and legal action which only fuels this kind of behavior.

Peer pressure

Most teens and young adults that indulge in cyberbullying actually indulge in this kind of behavior because they truly believe that it is socially acceptable and completely normal. With the backing and support of their friends and peers, cyberbullies are able to zero in on and torment a single victim collectively and anyone who tried to dissuade this behavior is mocked as uncool. Since popularity and social acceptance is a huge deal with this social and age group, not getting involved in cyberbullying too has dire consequences for some and hence they begin to cyberbully themselves.