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Why do people drink

Why do people drink

Drinking is not just a personal habit, rather it is a social phenomenon we have been observing since childhood. In most of the countries people drink socially and also when they are alone or with close friends or partner. Drinking is a common phenomenon and most of the times we do not even ask why people are drinking and take it s something natural. Many countries and regions make their special alcoholic drinks, which are popular locally and also acquire global fame some times. Not every individual likes the same drink. Alcohol has been a part of human life for centuries. The reasons why people are so fond of this type of intoxication is a matter of question.

Most people drink either to uplift their mood or to be in a state that numbs their feelings of fear and shyness. People can easily overcome their inhibition after drinking and they feel free to act as they wish. This is the reason why we can observe people acting in the most uncharacteristic manner after they have drunk. People also drink for spunk. They try to drown their fear of rejection in a glass of alcohol and get the courage of speaking from drinking alcohol.

Some people drink just to fit in their society or sphere. Peer pressure is one of the worst reasons for drinking. Most of us want to fit in rather than standing up for their own beliefs. Some people drink because they enjoy the taste of different alcoholic beverages and find it a great companion to their meals. People who drink too much do it because they get addicted to the intoxication provided by it. These people fear to face reality and their true problems. Alcohol is associated with the Greek god of revelry, Bacchus, and it is a symbol of social enjoyment and happiness. People also drink because it is a tradition or custom which they don’t want to change.

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