Why do people go to work

People working in an office

Every person that has worked for a better part of his adult life often wakes up on Monday mornings wondering why people go to work. The question of why people go to work may sound like a no-brainer but it is a rather deep philosophical query. We find out some of the reasons behind the inconvenience that ruins the modern man’s hung-over reverie at the start of each work week.

To earn money

Yes, ladies and gents, every single person that has ever gone to work does so because they need money. Money for food, for clothing, to pay rent i.e., shelter and to pay for other modern luxuries like medication, shopping and to pay bills. Anyone that says that they go to work to help humanity and out of compassion for fellow man probably has a rich father and a richer trust fund to live off.

To pursue their passion

While most of us think of our jobs as slave labor, some lucky b*****ds in the world actually have the luck to get paid to pursue their passion. And yes, Bear Grylls does indeed love eating insects from the jungle floor and yes, he does get paid obscene amounts of money to do for two month every year.

For the social experience

While we cannot speak for the loner types who hate being social, most people who go to work despite hard working conditions, stress and low pay do believe that the social experience of being at work helps them stay connected to humanity. Even people who work from home get to interact with others over the internet which, by modern definitions, is quite a legitimate social experience.

It keeps our brains occupied

Humans are a restless lot. If we have enough to eat, adequate clothing and a safe shelter and no work to do, we would probably breed like bunnies. A good example of this would be the post-industrial state of human civilization.