Why Do Tattoos Itch


When people are tattooed they may be surprised to find that while the body art is healing, the most irritating part will be itching that can go on for days. This may make some curious as to why a tattoo would itch. When one looks at the process of tattooing and the type of wound it creates and compares it to the process of dermatological healing, it becomes apparent why tattoos itch.

It is a part of the healing process

Itching is a normal part of post-process healing when you get a tattoo. Depending on how big your tattoo is and how many session you have undergone to get it finishes, your tattoo would itch more severely or very negligibly. However, the itching is a normal part of the post-tattoo healing process and usually your tattoo artist would prescribe you some kind of an ointment to keep the skin supple and less prone to drying which causes a more severe itch.

Skin regeneration causes the skin to feel itchy

The process of getting a tattoo essentially involves puncturing the skin with needles and pushing ink into it. The process of skin repair and skin regeneration can cause an itchy sensation in the region where your tattoo lies.

Your body tries to fight the ink

Since your body sees ink as a foreign particle, it tries to combat it and this struggle causes the skin in the tattooed region to be more active. This sensation of increased activity in the skin might feel like an itch.

Your allergies might be acting up

Even if you don’t have a full blown allergy to metals or inks, your tattoo might start to itch more than usual if you are slightly allergic to any of the ingredients in the anti-inflammation gels and lotions that are prescribed by tattoo artists.