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Why do we advertise

Why do we advertise

In this age of aggressive marketing, advertisement seems to be an intrinsic part of any company’s marketing policies, hence asking a question like “why do we advertise” may seem a bit out of place. On the other hand, some of the inquisitive minds may ask the question about the need of advertising when the slump has hit the global economy in a big way. It may seem like wastage of resources to some people, hence there is a need to examine reasons behind the need of advertising a product.

I think advertising is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it is important because among the myriad products that are available in global market, it becomes important to make your presence felt. Unless you advertise, consumers will not get to know about your products, leave alone the quality aspect. So if you advertise, consumers know that there is one more quality product available in the market. Advertising not only helps in creating a niche market, it also helps in creating a brand image for your company and products. If you use this opportunity in an apt manner, you can establish yourself as a market leader and can cut down on negative publicity.

World over, consumers believe in buying the products which are familiar rather than unfamiliar names and brands. Advertising helps you stay fresh in consumers’ minds.

Advertising also gives you an opportunity to highlight best features of your product or services. This way people know about your strengths well before they buy the product and hence they find it easier to compare your product with other contemporaries. This gives you an edge since people know you as a brand and know your strengths, therefore, can buy your products without wasting their time in comparisons.

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