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Why do we blink

Why do we blink

Our eyes constantly keep blinking almost 10 to 15 times every single minute. Though we never think about it, still we definitely need to be aware of our eyelids’ movements and know what causes them to do so.

Our eyelids work as our built-in “wind-shield wipers’ which, aside from moistening our eyes, shield our eyes from foreign bodies. Eyelids contain certain muscles that expand and contract rapidly and automatically without impairing our vision. The rims of our eyelids have invisible oil-producing glands, which are located between our eyelashes. Its secretions keep lubricating the eyelid and eyelashes when we blink. Thanks to this mechanism, better known as corneal reflex or blink reflex, our eyes do not dry out that easily. Moreover, blinking produces no irritation. Our eyelids draw fluid from the tear duct over the eyeball to moisturize the eye as we blink.

Another benefit of blinking includes protection against foreign bodies. When we blink upon exposure to harsh elements, our eyelashes work as dust-catchers and don’t allow foreign particles to reach our eyes. Thus, it brushes airborne dust, dirt and even bugs to ensure eye safety.

Another research has revealed that the brain takes quick wakeful rest when we blink and thus, allows us to improve our focus afterward.

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