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Why do we get migraines

Why do we get migraines

Migraines are not just painful but it also poses a big impediment between us and a normal, healthy life. Migraine is described as a headache of sorts but it is definitely more than that. A person afflicted by this ailment feel very dizzy and nauseas along with the headache. They cannot stand light or noise of any sort and have to turn the lights off and hold a pillow over their ear in an attempt to shut off the sounds. Before adolescence the chances of getting migraine, between men and women, are equal but after the age of twelve, women become more prone to this ailment.

There are different things that trigger migraine. One of the very primary reasons behind migraines is genes. It is basically a hereditary disease that we get from our parents or other close relatives. If you have migraines you might just like to check with your parents or relatives if they too suffered from the same ailment. If not hereditary then migraine can be caused by certain foods that do not suit you. There is no particular list of food that you have to avoid but you must find out the food that does not suit you.

Certain odors or smells can also make people prone to a bout of migraine. Smoking is also a habit that has been observed to give rise to migraines. The weather change or rising temperatures can be the cause of your migraines. If the body gets dehydrated then an individual might get migraines. Another very serious reason of migraine is excessive stress. If you get worry easily or have to work under pressure then you may be afflicted by migraines. Women go through more hormonal changes than men due to menstruation, pregnancy and menopause and probably that’s the reason why they suffer more from this ailment.

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