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Why do we have exams

Why do we have exams

Imagine a world where no one has to give exams. It would surely seem fun apparently but when you try to understand the consequences of not having any exams you will understand its necessity. The truth is that though we despise exams still they are important because they evaluate our learning and our level of education. Anything you learn there will be an exam at the end of a learning year to check whether you have made progress and if you are eligible to go further. Students have to give several different sorts of exams in their lives. Entrance exams for schools and college decide if you will be able to understand the curriculum or not and annual exams evaluate how much you have learnt throughout the year.

Exams or tests are a guideline for a teacher who needs to know if you have understood what he or she has taught. If most of the class fails to do well then the teacher has to change the method of teaching and try to elucidate the lessons even more. Education cannot be complete without evaluation because it helps teachers interact with the students and understand their level of learning. If a student cannot progress then special attention is given to him/ her by the teacher.

Another purpose of education is to measure merit of the students. Exams help students select their course of life and set achievable goals for themselves. A clear conception about their own capabilities is a knowledge itself which can only be received by giving exams. It helps employers to judge your potential as an employee in a certain field. Exams also make us strong and prepare for the challenges that life throws our way. Exams test both our intellect and perseverance and help us do better than before.

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