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Why Do We Have Tonsils

Why Do We Have Tonsils

Made of lymphoid tissue, tonsils are two rounds or tissue bumps that are based in back throat. These are located just at the nasal passage entrance. Tonsils play a major role in promoting better health in humans. Their lymphoid tissue is responsible for the production of white blood cells in our bodies. You would know that white blood cells help us fight infections and diseases. Thus, medical specialists consider tonsils as contributors to our immune system, as they produce lymphocytes or white blood cells. It is easy for us to fight illnesses due to these tonsils.

Tonsils filter a variety of germs and bacteria. Thus, we receive protection from several diseases. Tonsils provide us antibodies to fight against such diseases and infections. Although it is suggested that tonsils are no more as effective as they used to be, there are still doubts on their surgical removal. Many people, especially children, develop different kinds of problems due to the swelling in tonsils. However, some people think that their removal to avoid these problems can weaken our immunity against certain infections.

It is also suggested by some experts that a few types of cancers can only be prevented by these tonsils and that is the reason we need them in our bodies. Certain kinds of infections, such as those caused by parasitic agents, can be effectively controlled by the action of tonsils. It is important to remove tonsils in those children who frequently have them infected by certain germs. This is done to prevent the spread of these bacteria and parasites. Otherwise, tonsils even contribute toward giving a boost to the immunity of adults. This happens when they are not often infected. Thus, this pair of tonsils is a very important part of our bodies until they keep us protected from various diseases.

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