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Why do we need salt

Why do we need salt

Too much of any good thing can be harmful and even injurious. Salt is one of the primary food ingredients that are attached with our daily life. Though a trend of cutting down salt in regular foods is gaining importance, the necessity of salt in our body cannot be denied. Just like any other good thing if salt is consumed in plenty then it might raise the chances of water retention in your body and cause high blood pressure. Salt provides our body with two vital minerals like sodium and iodine. Without sodium and iodine many of our physical functions will get disrupted. Moderate consumption of salt helps us keep fit.

The body cells exchange ions through the cell membranes. The exchange of ions help the cells manage the different functions they need to perform. The ions come from the salts. The nerve cells cannot deliver or receive information without the exchange of ions. Iodine deficiency can lead to several diseases and it stunts the mental growth of children. Salt is the main source of iodine now days. Endemic goiter, mental retardation and cretinism are some of the health disorders that occur when our body does not get sufficient amounts of iodine.

Sodium is a very essential mineral and we get it mainly through salt. The taste of food becomes very bland and insipid without salt. Sodium acts as an electrolyte that moves throughout our body, carried by blood. It is needed to perform different tasks inside our body and maintains the balance of our blood pressure. Without sodium people can suffer from hyponatremia which makes us dizzy and lethargic. Iodine is used for making bones and synthesizing proteins in our body. Salt is the best source of these minerals and thus cannot be avoided completely. Thankfully our body processes salt from all foods and even water and you can cut off the extra salt for better health.

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