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Why do we need sugar

Why do we need sugar

Generally the sweetening white or brown colored substance added to food is considered to be sugar. The truth is that sugar is a form of carbohydrate that is present in most foods that we consume daily. In all the vegetables and fruits there is sugar and avoiding it can be practically difficult and even impossible. We need sugar because it provides us with energy. Our body absorbs glucose or sugar from all sorts of food after digestion has been completed. This absorbed sugar is then stored in our body for future use and sent to all the body cells.

Through respiration we collect oxygen from the air and then the oxygen is transported to each and every body cell. The oxygen helps in breaking down the sugar stored in the body cells. Energy is produced by breaking the sugar molecules in our cells. Some of it is used and some of the energy is stored in ATPs. People have become conscious about the need of eating well and consuming fewer calories. Little or no physical movement can cause our body to become obese because the calories get stored in the form of fat.

Though consuming sugar in huge quantities can cause health disorders and obesity, we need to keep some sugar or carbohydrates in our diet for long term well being. You have to be cautious while including different types of carbohydrates in your diet. Plain table sugars and candies are examples of simple sugar but just having simple sugar do not satiate our need of carbohydrate. Eating fruits and vegetables along with some whole grain breads can give you the right amount of necessary complex carbohydrates and you will feel less hungry for a long time. Choosing correct sugar supplements is the right way to go.

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