Why Do We Study Buddhism


‘Buddha’ refers to a supreme teacher and Buddhism is a way through which this supreme teacher can enlighten our lives. Many people do not treat Buddhism as a religion. They treat it as a way of life that can help us find answers to all those questions we always had in mind. We study Buddhism when we need to understand and gain an explanation of several natural phenomena through the ways of religion and science. We also study Buddhism, as it teaches us a way to understand our own mind. It helps us know ourselves in a practical life.

Buddhism lets us know the way through which we can make our minds healthy and peaceful. It is a combination of philosophy, psychology and science that takes us on a path of happiness and self-control. We can solve all our emotional problems through the teachings of Buddhism. It makes us understand our mind’s capacity and limits so we may develop them further to achieve higher goals in our lives. We learn about metaphysical processes through Buddhism. This helps us in relieving our pains and becoming more satisfied in life. Buddhism not only makes us morally right, but also makes us rely on our positive energies.

Buddhism also has a unique way of worshipping that is not found in other religions. It leads us on a path of salvation that takes us away from all our sufferings. Buddhism does not keep us bonded, but suggests us to have a free thought. It makes us follow compassion and kindness toward every living being. It also makes us think on a higher platform where we may not reach while living a life full of temptations and negative energies. Buddhism helps us transform our negative energies into positive so we may go on leading a life full of satisfaction.