Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane?

Are you planning your next trip anytime soon? Ever wondered “can you bring pepper spray on a plane?” Wondering if international airlines allow pepper spray on a plane? If you have such questions racing in your mind, this article is for you! We will tell you everything about TSA rules to take pepper spray on a plane. In addition, we will also educate you about if you can bring pepper spray on a plane to Europe and Asian countries too!

But first, let us tell you why travelers carry pepper spray with them and what it is. 

Unknown to many, pepper sprays are an excellent self-defense weapon that can scare off an attacker. Also called defensive spray, people want to use them for personal safety. But when It comes to safe flying, one must follow TSA guidelines. It states a fixed amount makes it easy to know how much pepper spray you can take in an aerosol form as a safety mechanism.

At the same time, you must check regulations on traveling with pepper spray because major airlines within the United States have their own rules. However, one thing is for sure. No American Airlines allows passengers to carry one!

Read on as we delve deeper into every aspect of bringing pepper spray in a carry-on bag and checked bags. 

Is There Any Difference Between Checked Baggage and Carry On Baggage? 

You should know the distinction between carrying pepper spray on checked baggage or luggage because both are different scenarios. Talking of checked baggage, it is when you pass the security check and leave your belongings for the cargo section. On the other hand, carry-on luggage is the type of baggage travelers can take inside the plane after an airport security check. 

What Amount of Pepper Spray is Allowed to Take On A Plane?

Inside the checked baggage, you can carry the ideal fluid ounces of pepper spray while traveling. But you cannot carry pepper spray on a plane in carry-on bags. According to the TSA guidelines, 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) is the ideal amount of pepper spray you can carry. Simultaneously, your container of pepper spray must be equipped with a safety mechanism. The same act prevents accidental discharge. 

Can I Take Pepper Spray at Security Points?

No! You can’t take pepper spray or any other self-defense spray at a security checkpoint in a carry-on bag. It should be no brainer to you that a metal detector detects sharp objects and key rings.

The idea of carrying mace or pepper spray through airport security checks is not suggested. The metal detectors will catch you. Under no circumstances must you put pepper spray in your carry-on baggage, purse, or pocket. 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t permit pepper spray to prevent accidental discharge. There have been cases reported in the past. United Airlines have had to make an emergency landing as well!

You shouldn’t engage in any such acts because the airport authorities are vigilant. If they find you with doubt, the chances are high that TSA agents will interrogate you! Plus, you might miss your flight too!

So it is better to be clean because you can’t outsmart the metal detectors at airport security checkpoints. 

Can You Bring Pepper Sprays on a Plane Carry-on?

No, under any circumstances, TSA pepper spray rules prohibit everyone from carrying on pepper spray with them. Understand this: planes in the United States, Europe, or Asia are closed space aircraft. And if accidental discharge happens in the aircraft cabin, the consequences can be highly problematic, like breathing difficulties. And hence, American Airlines and other international airlines prohibit mace or pepper spray in carry-on bags. 

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane to Europe?

If you talk in a nutshell, it is a big no! Most European Union countries class pepper spray use as illegal in their countries. For example, the United Kingdom prohibits self-defense sprays on a plane. They think of it as an offensive weapon. Simultaneously, in other nations of the European Union like Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy, one needs to obtain a license. 

To be straight, we will advise you to double cross-check if your desired European destination allows pepper spray in checked baggage. The chances are high that most airlines departing from the United States to Europe don’t allow taking pepper spray. 

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane to the USA?

Yes, but only a handful of American Airlines allows bringing pepper spray on a plane to the USA. For instance, Southwest Airlines is one of them. Simultaneously, other airlines like Delta go hand in hand with TSA pepper spray rules. 

However, there are instances when people reported that the airport officials stopped them. In that case, you must show the TSA webpage to the concerned officials and ask them if the TSA backed these terms and conditions. 

In addition, you should also confirm with the airlines regarding pepper spray rules like what they have to say. Not all the major airlines within the or coming to the United States allow the passenger to use pepper sprays or other self-defense sprays. 

Airlines like American Airlines, Alaska Air, Delta, and Frontier Airlines allow passengers to carry pepper spray in checked baggage. Additionally, not all states in the United States allow taking pepper spray. Some states have put restrictions based on the age and container of pepper spray. 

Why is the TSA Strict About Pepper Spray Rules? 

It was back in 2015 when two women boarded a JetBlue flight. One of them somehow managed to bring the pepper spray to the aircraft cabin. As a result of accidental discharge, breathing difficulties occurred. This example demonstrates why TSA agents are strict about policies regarding defense spray in hand luggage. 

Unknown to many, the Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for aviation security. In comparison, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is the one who looks over and keeps a check on the same. So drop the idea of carrying pepper spray in the cabin luggage. 

As per TSA rules, did we mention that pepper sprays must not have more than 2% mass of tear gas? If your pepper spray exceeds the 2% mass of tear gas proportion, then drop the idea of bringing pepper spray in checked baggage. 

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane to Asian Countries?

Suppose you are coming from American Airlines to any Asian country like India, Thailand, Singapore, etc. In that case, you can bring pepper spray on a plane! But you can carry the defense spray with you only in checked luggage. Even Asian countries allow the same 4 fluid ounces, which goes like 118 ml. So don’t expect the Asian countries’ airlines to allow you to bring pepper spray in hand luggage.

Although, every country has different regulations regarding self-defense sprays, aka pepper spray. In addition, you can bring it in the checked luggage in aerosol form, liquid, and gels only! Most importantly, it should be equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Last but not least, we urge you to confirm with your airline operator if you can bring self-defense spray as checked luggage. 

Does TSA Pre-Check Applicable When Flying from A U.S. Airport to Foreign Land? 

You can use TSA Pre-Check upon flying from a U.S. Airport to a foreign county. All the passengers need to undergo the TSA precheck before departing from the United States to any other international destination. In addition, the same applies to domestic flights too! And remember, TSA agents keep their eagle eyes on the body language of the travelers too! 

Final Words – Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane?

Undoubtedly, self-defense sprays like pepper spray and mace are among the best self-defense weapons. This might be the reason why people want to carry it with them. But when traveling in a plane, there are certain risks associated with it, like wind blowback if pepper spray gets discharged. 

Not all airlines allow mace or pepper spray on a plane. You should ask the airlines directly if they agree with the TSA pepper spray or other self-defense spray rules. Those planning a trip outside the United States to Europe or Asia must review with the airlines if they allow people to travel internationally with pepper spray. 

You can carry only 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) container in your hold luggage only, not inside the cabin. Be responsible and review the safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Furthermore, according to federal law, the big limitation to pay attention to is the amount of tear gas. 

The same law prohibited bringing any hazardous materials inside the aircraft cabin and checking on baggage.

Have you got any questions? Drop your comments, and we will answer them too! Happy traveling!