Does Painted Black Window Block Light?

So, does painted black window block light? Looking for a way to keep peeping toms out of your bathroom window? Perhaps you want to stop sunlight from entering your room, or you enjoy the notion of painting your windows. Whatever the cause, painting your windows black is a reasonable option — perhaps even preferable to blackout curtains, which have their issues.

As a result, blacking out your windows frees up much space. For example, painting your windows may be messy, giving much room for mistakes. However, it may be an effective technique to block out sunlight when done properly.

So without further ado, let’s start the topic!

Does Black Paint on Windows Block Light?

The wavelength of light determines the conclusion. We describe visible light as having wavelengths between 750 and 350 nm. To prevent gamma radiation, many layers of paint would be required! Paint has a hiding strength, a measurement of the coating thickness necessary to prevent light passing through the paint and then reflecting off the substrate from escaping.

If you’ve ever painted a wall and the color of the substrate still shows through, you’ve probably experienced this. So, if you applied a coat of paint about 2X the thickness of the hiding film, you would effectively block all visible light.

Therefore, painting windows black can be a great idea as black paint absorbs light.

What Does Black Paint Do to Sunlight?

What Does Black Paint Do to Sunlight?
What Does Black Paint Do to Sunlight?

Normally, black paint absorbs heat, but research shows that when an item is coated with black paint and subjected to sunlight, it stays 16°C cooler.

The research also showed that this black paint could help conserve energy and cut CO2 emissions.

Can You Paint White Windows Black?

Yes, you certainly can. For example, if the Hunter L value of the white vinyl windows is 40 or above, you may paint any color on them. Therefore, the window requires that the Hunter L value be at least 60 for any white window color.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Glass Windows?

You may use latex paint to paint glass, but it will not give the same protection level as urethane. Solid colors, such as acrylic enamel, give the windows the greatest visibility, whether they wish to restrict light or shield them from it. Acrylic enamel paint clings nicely to glass because it is long-lasting, cleanable, and removable.

How to Paint a Window Black?

How to Paint a Window Black?
How to Paint a Window Black?

You must prepare the windows in advance for the greatest paint finish. We’ve included the cleaning and prepping of the window’s edges in this.

  1. Spray some Windex or other window cleaner and wipe down the windows with a microfiber towel. Use paper towels sparingly since they leave small white paper particles behind. In addition, this will clear any debris or dust that could be inhibiting the paint from sticking to the glass, leaving behind a smooth and uniform surface.
  2. After cleaning the windows, line the wooden outline with painter’s tape. This will keep the paint from getting onto the wood. You can never use painter’s tape in an excessive amount, and you can easily remove it after it has served its purpose.
  3. Use a thin item, such as a ruler, to assist guide the painter’s tape when aligning it up while applying it (View on Amazon).

Final Words – Does Painted Black Window Block Light?

For some people, the solution is somewhat permanent and may be a disadvantage rather than a benefit. Even while you can scrape the paint off afterward with a razor blade, it isn’t always simple. The method is nonetheless difficult and time-consuming, even using latex-based paint. Additionally, you run the danger of harming your windows.

Alternative methods of filtering window light may be equally as effective as the traditional methods while being considerably simpler to implement. For example, blackout window film is simple to install, effective, and far simpler to remove than paint from your windows.

To each his own, though, use paint if that’s your preferred approach.