How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

So,  how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean? The short answer is cleaning shower doors every day. Shower doors in bathrooms collect the most soap scum and buildup, but your glass doors may stay clean for longer and even repel soapy accumulation with regular cleaning.

There is still hope if you want to have the same sparkling glass doors at home but don’t have time to clean your complete bathroom every day. Make a cleaning regimen that includes wiping down counters, shower curtains, faucets, sinks, washing tubs, scrubbing mirrors, and sliding glass doors. It’s a lot of effort, but it’s well worth it to have that squeaky clean hotel bathroom you’ve always loved!

The Effect Of Hard Water On Glass Shower Doors

Hard water contains dissolved minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and limescale. On the other hand, soft water has less of these minerals since it is soft, yet it flows through the ground and absorbs these hard mineral deposits over time.

You may blame all the scrubbing you’ve had to perform over the years on hard water. The dissolved minerals in hard water, such as calcium, magnesium, chalk, and lime, cause soapy scum and limescale deposits everywhere. When these minerals contact soap detergents, they leave stains on your shower floor.

What Causes Glass Shower To Get Dirty?

What Causes Glass Shower To Get Dirty?
What Causes Glass Shower To Get Dirty?

Showers may appear to be a perpetually clean environment. After all, we clean our bodies in there, and there’s generally soap involved, so why shouldn’t the shower door? When we shower, we wash away body oil, skin cells, hair, sebum, soap residue, and even feces, which is nasty!

Not only that, but the body wash or soap we use to clean with might leave a scum behind that does not wash away. Showers, of course, are frequently warm and humid, creating an ideal habitat for germs to proliferate. Mold thrives in the difficult-to-reach nooks of your shower cubicle.

Even ordinary water might be a source of concern, especially if you reside in a hard water location. As the water evaporates, the water’s minerals are left behind. The impact of watermarks and soap scum deposits on your glass shower door might be considerably more visible than on the rest of your shower space.

How Do You Keep Shower Doors Looking New?

You must use the proper deep cleaning chemicals while cleaning your shower enclosure. Cleaning chemicals should be suitable for you and your family while also not being harmful to the shower enclosure itself. Because safety is always a concern, many homeowners choose to clean their shower enclosures using natural and safe household cleaners.

If your shower enclosure is already dry and only has a few water spots, you may shine it up using a normal glass cleaner. While this is a fantastic method to make it seem lovely, it will not stay clear after a shower. As a result, some shower owners prefer to utilize glass sealants such as RainX® Shower Door Water Repellent.

This product inhibits soap scum formation by causing all water to bead up and slide off the glass, leaving it clean after repeated use. As per some householders, lemon juice and essential oils have a similar polishing effect on shower glass.

A squeegee is ideal for cleaning your shower since the more moisture there is, the more mold and germs can build on your shower doors. Excess moisture will be removed with your squeegee, avoiding mold formation. It will also assist you in avoiding hard water stains on the glass. If you have severe stains, consider purchasing a Magic Eraser to scrub away the problematic places.

How Often Should You Clean Glass Shower Doors?

How Often Should You Clean Glass Shower Doors?
How Often Should You Clean Glass Shower Doors?

If you truly want to keep the glass in your shower enclosure looking new, you should strive to follow a strict cleaning schedule that includes daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning regimes.


After each shower, use a squeegee to remove any extra water from the glass of your shower enclosure. Keep the shower door open to allow the water to dry quickly when you’re done. Because this is a regular duty, many people store the squeegee in their shower or on a nearby rack, allowing them to multitask and clean the enclosure while drying off after a shower.

It’s also crucial to remind your family to clean up after themselves. Keep your bathroom vent fan on and your bathroom door open to the rest of your house so that fresh, dry air can enter to dry out your shower.


This is where you’ll concentrate on places that may have water stains or are difficult to reach with a squeegee. Wipe down your whole shower with a sponge or Magic Eraser once a week to remove hard water stains and soap scum accumulated.


This is the time to clean your shower thoroughly. Scrub away any mold or bacteria forming in your shower with a non-toxic cleaner or the mixture described above. Scrub the whole shower, taking care to get into all of the nooks and crannies.

What Do the Professionals Use to Clean Shower Glass Doors?

Method 1: Plain Water or Dish Soap

Plain Water or Dish Soap
Plain Water or Dish Soap

The first approach is straightforward. If the stains are not too tenacious, a simple rub down with dish soap and distilled water combination would suffice. The ratio is determined by how filthy the glass is.

A few drops will be enough if the glass isn’t too filthy. In fact, in certain circumstances, ordinary water may be sufficient. Allow your door to dry after thoroughly cleaning it with the solution.

Method 2: Vinegar


While not everyone’s favorite condiment, vinegar solution is one of the most helpful cooking tools. Yes, you read that correctly. This intensely flavored acid is more than just a tasty snack; it’s also a useful weapon.

Cleaning glass is one of the numerous applications for this acid. This is ideal for hotels searching for methods to polish glass doors. Combine 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water and properly stir. To improve the cleaning power of this solution, add 1 part of dish soap.

The following step will be to apply it to the doors. You may apply it with a microfiber cloth dipped in the solution, but a spray bottle works best. Wait a few minutes before washing the doors with normal warm water. After the solution has worked its magic, this will clear it out.

Method 3: Baking soda

Baking soda
Baking soda

This, like vinegar, is much more than just a culinary component. Baking soda is well-known for being one of the most effective cleaning products. You’ve probably heard about how well it cleans shoes, dishware, clothing, and different home and kitchen appliances, but it’s also great at cleaning glass!

This is not an acidic material, unlike vinegar. It is, in reality, alkaline. Despite their varied pH levels, both are effective cleansers. You may use this powder to clean your shower door in other ways, regardless of whether it is clear or opaque glass.

You might apply the powder. For this process, the doors must be damp. If they aren’t already, spritz them with water. Once the doors are moist, dab a tiny amount of baking soda straight onto the door using a towel. Then, after a few minutes, wash your door and let it dry. This should be enough. If it does not, you can proceed to the second method of employing this chemical.

Final Words – How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

Even while many hotels clean their shower doors daily, this isn’t the only way they maintain their glass doors clean. Most hotels have water softeners to eliminate hard minerals from the water, making housekeeping staff work much harder than they currently do!

Overall, the hospitality industry is one of the fastest expanding, and as a result, there are various factors to master to run a successful hotel. We hope this tutorial has helped you understand how hotels keep their shower doors clean and in good condition. So if you work in a hotel, we hope we might help you improve your standards.