How Long Do Goats Live?

So, how long do goats Live? Who says there is no alternative for humans than dogs when establishing social relationships? Unknown to many, goats are one of the earliest domesticated animals – as early as 10,000 years, according to archaeological evidence. Many different breeds of goats share a strong desire for companionship with humans. 

However, the different breeds of goats have their life expectancies. Additionally, different goat breeds have their own life spans. Simultaneously, female goats’ lives are longer than male goats. These resourceful animals can live up to a few more years than their average life expectancy when given proper care. 

There are an average of 200 goat breeds raised all over the world. Some people pet goats for dairy and meat purposes, while for other people, goats are like dogs to them. So it all boils down to the conclusion that says there is a lot you need to learn about goats other than their life expectancy. 

Keeping this in mind, we will educate you about things you must know in advance if you plan to buy a goat for milk production, breeding purposes, or goat as a pet. Continue reading to find out how long do goats live.

What’s the Average Life Expectancy of a Goat?

The average lifespan of a goat hovers between 10 to 18 years. However, there are instances around the world where goat breeders have raised goats for 24 years. If you are fascinated with goat species, you must know that not all goats have a similar lifespan.

For example, if you talk about the alpine or mountain goat, they are an extremely hardy and weather tolerant breed with an average life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. On the other hand, Angora goats have a typical lifespan of 10 years. Whereas Nubian Goat is 10-15 years old and Lamancha Goat is 8 to 10 years old. 

As we said in the third paragraph, there are distinct goat breeds. It’s impossible to cover all of them. But for sure, we will talk about the most famous goat breeds that tend to live longer than 8 years, including Dark Nigerian goats, Nubian Goats, and Boer Goats. Most importantly, we will discuss which goat is best for domestic purposes among other goat breeds. 

Factors Affecting Goat Lifespan

According to the many reports backed by scientific research, goat breed, diet, breeding counts, and living conditions are the factors that affect goat lifespan. And hence, you can see many goat breeds tend to live longer than other goats. It’s all about caring about goat health problems. Distinct goat breeds are prone to health problems during their lifespan. So if you want to own a goat as a farm animal, make sure to add value to the lifespan of a goat. 

However, you must know that these herd animals are full of surprising facts. For example, female goats live longer than male goats, but they are not serviceable after 7-8 years of the breeding season. But male goats are up to 10 years old. The alpine goat is dangerous to humans if they feel an invasion of their habitat. On the other hand, the pygmy goat is a good pet goat for dairy production and giving birth to kids once a year. 

Can Goats Harm You?

It’s a YES or NO – both! If you talk about the average farm goat, they are known to establish a good bond with humans and other goats in the yards. But if you look at male alpine goats, aka mountain, they are considered dangerous as they have sharp horns and musical bodies. Like humans, mountain goats have strong endurance to harm humans if they feel an invasion in their habitat or threaten life. As the name suggests, alpine goats have roots in the French Alps and Swiss mountains. 

Who’s the Friendliest Pet Goat Amongst All Goat Breeds? 

Who's the Friendliest Pet Goat Amongst All Goat Breeds? 
Who’s the Friendliest Pet Goat Amongst All Goat Breeds? 

Pygmy goats are the absolute favorite goat to keep as a pet. If you have young children around them, they are friendly. Thanks to the small size of the Pygmy goat. In addition, the Nubian goat also bills itself in the friendliest goat breeds. Alongside, you can raise the pet goats in mild temperatures. But if you live in high-range places, take goat breeding as icing on the cake. 

Additionally, if you have a small farm, don’t think twice about adding Nigerian Dwarf Goat to your deck. The Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a great source of milk and will boost dairy production plans. To your surprise, you can pet an alpine goat as well. Though they are musical and strong, mountain goats are intelligent too! 

Unknown to many, Lamancha Goat is a great source of milk. Their milk has the highest concentration of butterfat. You can make good quality cheese and butter with the milk of Lamancha Goat. Last but not least, Boer Goat is one of the high demand goats for meat production worldwide. The reason is these goats have a great capacity for adaptation. 

How Long Do Female Goats Live?

How Long Do Female Goats Live?
How Long Do Female Goats Live?

Do you also think that female goat lifespan is less than male goats just because they produce milk and babies? If. To your surprise, bucks live shorter than female goats. So accordingly, the average female goat’s life span stretches a few more years than the male goat. However, a female goat’s lifespan also hovers according to the goat breed. Female goats often give birth to one goat at a time. But sometimes, they make two babies as well. 

How Long Do Male Goats Live?

The intact male goats are called bucks, and they are expected to live on average up to 8 years. However, most goat breeds have a history of living up to 15 years, so it is just an assumption according to the stats available on the internet. Plus, other factors like environment, diet, old age, and problems decide how long male goats live. 

How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?

How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?
How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are loveable, playful, and gentle. These goat breeds have a cool temperament compared to other goats. In addition, the Nigerian Dwarf male reaches sexual maturity at 4 months. At the same time, female takes a few more months to reach the peak of sexual maturity. This goat breed gives birds to 2 to 4 baby goats annually. With playful and affectionate temperature, if Nigerian Dwarf Goats are nourished well, these goats live up to 15 years. 

How Long Do Pygmy Goats Live?

How Long Do Pygmy Goats Live?
How Long Do Pygmy Goats Live?

Pygmy Goats give birth to four or fewer baby goats in their total live birth. Pygmy Goats live an average of 10-12 years. If raised in amicable harmony, this miniature goat breed is easily well trained! But, the Pygmy Goats have a shorter lifespan than other goats. In addition, the Pygmy Goat breed requires less Maintenance. So what else do you want? 

How Long Do Nubian Goats Live?

A male Nubian Goat lives for a good 10 years, and females have a 3-5 years longer lifespan than a buck. Also called a vocal breed of goat, Nubian Goats are always high in demand for meat production. And that’s why Nubian Goats are synonymous with a popular dairy breed in the United States. 

How Long Do Goats Live as Pets?

To cut a long story short, pet goats have the same life span as other goats. It all depends on how properly you take care of these animals. Anything which you take care of properly has an added advantage. And so, the goat lives as a pet does. If you want to see the average lifespan of farm animals increase a few more years, feed your goats a healthy balanced diet. This is the key. 

Next, ensure you own a goat breed that is easily adaptable to your conditions. For instance, you can’t expect a mountain goat to live in city conditions where humanity is high. If you do the same, it is obvious the life expectancy of a goat as a pet will decrease. The same boils down to most goat species, including Saanen Goats, Oberhasli Goats, etc. 

How Long Do Angora Goats Live?

These goat breeds typically live over 10 years if you nourish them well. This goat breed is synonymous with wiser goat breeds for domestic use. However, Angora Goats’ meat production and milk production is less profitable than other goats. 

How Long Do Mountain Goats Live?

Also called wild goats, the average mountain goat lifespan is between 9 years for males and 12 years for females. Mountain goats are pretty large, and hence, if you are an untrained breeder, you shouldn’t own the mountain goat. Mountain goats are territorial also! But they are a wiser goat breed. You must not feed this goat breed. Most importantly, stay 50 yards away if you see mountain goats around you!

How Long Do Lamancha Goats Live?

This is the only average goat whose life expectancy is shorter than other goat breeds. Lamancha Goats have a life expectancy of 7 years for bucks and 10 years for females. Lamancha Goats have glossy fur coats, and they are easy to handle. 

How Long Do Boer Goats Live?

Boer Goats have a long lifespan compared to other breeds as their immune system is extra special to fight health problems. Boer Goats have a surprising life expectancy of 12 to 20 years. 

Final Words – How Long Do Goats Live?

Irrespective of the breed, every goat undergoes the same life cycle. The newborn goats touch their young phase just when they don’t need their mother’s milk for feeding. Once goats mature sexually after 2-3 years of age, they get into the feeding phase. Lastly, if you want to increase the age of goats, take proper care of them in all aspects, from diet to health and environmental conditions.