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How to Keep Chipmunks Out of the Garden?

Want to Shoo These Tiny Creatures? Let's Find Out!

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So, how to keep Chipmunks out of the garden? It sounds charming, wide-eyed, and cheeky. Unfortunately, Chipmunks can also cause damage to your lawn. This small rat is a squirrel’s best friend and has appeared in films such as “Alvin” and “The Chips.” Unlike their on-screen singing counterparts, real-life chipmunks rapidly become florists and landowners’ number one public enemy. They are fond of their unkempt landscaping and do not want chipmunks to damage it.

How Do I Keep Chipmunks Out of My Garden Naturally?

How Do I Keep Chipmunks Out of My Garden Naturally?
How Do I Keep Chipmunks Out of My Garden Naturally?

They’re adorable. They chatter and tease as they dash through one food source to the next. However, don’t fool yourself. If you enjoy it, you don’t want chipmunks to take over your garden. One chipmunk represents many chipmunks.

They’re mice, and like rats and mice, they reproduce rapidly and like digging. They dig burrows from one side of their realm to the other in your lawn and garden. They rip up tulips and eat them, scattering half-eaten bulbs as proof of their devastation. However, there are methods to halt their weapons of mass destruction.

Chemical Barriers
  • We get chemical chipmunk repellent throughout the market, some of which function and others that do not. The one that is the most famous is “coyote pee,” albeit. This attracts chipmunks and kills them.
Blocking Potential Entry Points
  • The goal is to be creative in solving the situation while being compassionate. The first step is eliminating any food sources, such as bird feeders. So relocating chipmunks the feeders away from the home and garden plants, preventing chipmunk activity where we didn’t want them.
Filling The Hole With Sand And Gravel
  • Be adamant about not using toxins. That was not only nasty to the chipmunk, yet it was also tricky for Duke. Thankfully, much of the ground surrounding the backyard was sandy.
Putting Water In The Hole
  • Another strategy I tried was to insert the hose into the pit and fill it with liquid before adding sand. It was not a threat to the chipmunk, who would fly out the opposite side of its burrow at first sight of flooding due to its natural water hate.

What Smell Do Chipmunks Hate?

What Smell Do Chipmunks Hate?
What Smell Do Chipmunks Hate?

Oils like peppermint, castor, cinnamon, citrus, and eucalyptus, vinegar, garlic, ammonia, mothballs, predators’ pee, deer repellent, mothballs, blood meals, liquid fence repellent, cayenne pepper, mint, and others frighten chipmunks. Some are efficient, while others are environmentally friendly.

Pungent and powerful essential oils such as castor, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, cinnamon, tea tree, citrus, spearmint, hot peppers, and other scents deter chipmunks from entering the yard. And utilizing such items is the most environmentally friendly option.

Furthermore, employing these materials deters chipmunks and other similar animals. Essential oil odors harm their lungs. These items, however, are environmentally beneficial. Using these oils maintains to repel rodents while also allowing nature to thrive.

Will Coffee Grounds Keep Away Chipmunks?

Will Coffee Grounds Keep Away Chipmunks?
Will Coffee Grounds Keep Away Chipmunks?

We generally recognize coffee grounds as an excellent and environmentally acceptable repellant for gardening insects, pests, and animals eating plants. Knowing the efficiency of ground coffee as a repellant, you may obviously want to know if coffee grounds may also discourage chipmunks in your yard and the vicinity of your home. 

Coffee grounds repel chipmunks because chipmunks’ nostrils are highly delicate to the strong scent of coffee grounds, and they can’t bear it. As a result, if they detect the fragrance of coffee grounds in any location, they avoid approaching it.

Unused espresso beans have long been thought of as a cheap yet efficient chipmunk repellant. As a result, it raises the question of whether used coffee grounds may repel chipmunks as successfully as unused ones.

What Is a Home Remedy to Get Rid of Chipmunks?

  • Setting up several rodent trapsBecause you’re likely dealing with several chipmunks, we recommend setting up several tiny rodent traps to catch them all. It could take some trial and error to determine what exactly the chipmunks enjoy, but items like sunflower oilseeds, flower bulbs, and nuts attract chipmunks.
  • Trapping chipmunks at homeA pail of milk, a ramp, and sunflower seeds are all you need to prepare a live trap. To begin, fill the bucket halfway with sunflower seeds. Next, construct a slope (such as a wooden board) on the bucket’s side to provide the chipmunk access to the sunflower seeds.Now go inside and let the chipmunks a day or two to walk up the slope and into the bucket for a day or two. This procedure will also work for mice and rats and any plant-eating rodents that may emerge in your home. However, you may need to test with various baits. Peanut butter, for example, is a favorite of mice.
  • Bringing in Natural PredatorsTry moving in or rescuing an outside cat if you have the space. Cats are often excellent to scare chipmunks like small rodents. If the rodents detect the fragrance of their top predators, they will likely avoid your yard. You might also buy items like fox pee to keep the chipmunks away.

How to Keep Chipmunks Out Of Garden Using Netting?

How to Keep Chipmunks Out Of Garden Using Netting?
How to Keep Chipmunks Out Of Garden Using Netting?

Netting and mesh may be an efficient technique to keep chipmunks out of your garden when utilized appropriately. Netting and mesh, as noted above, are two of our favorite ways of keeping chipmunks out of lawns. However, you must be highly cautious about using suitable mesh covers and thick enough netting to prevent chipmunks and other tunneling rodents out of your garden.

Check out the video below to see how you may use a net covering to keep chipmunks and other tiny rodents away from your plants. Remember that chipmunks, like squirrels, are bright critical thinkers who may amaze you with their ability to overcome obstacles.

If you use a net or webbing, make sure you place it at a minimum of one foot deep and tall enough to avoid being jumped or thrown over. Many gardeners use netting to keep their plants safe from the elements.

Final Words – How to Keep Chipmunks Out of the Garden

Rodents digging into an outside flower may irritate you. Let me tell you how to prevent them. The chipmunk problem is the most common annoyance among gardeners. Containers seem to appeal to the charming yet naughty critters.

Planting daffodils around the area might deter chipmunks. The chipmunk is not attempting to take your yard; instead, they are trying to damage it. Chipmunk control from garden areas is one of our numerous services. To prevent plants or other pests from decomposing, dig up a few feet. coffee grounds

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