Is Trump Running in 2024?

Is Trump running in 2024? The whispers are spreading like wildfire in every direction. If not now, when?

Whether or not Donald Trump will make another bid for the presidency in 2024 is uncertain.

There is only one method to discover the former guy’s intentions with absolute certainty, gathering experts. To get an answer to whether or not Donald Trump will run for president in 2024, we assembled an elite group of political experts. We tapped their bottomless well of infallible knowledge to know what they had to say about Trump running for president in 2024.

So, let’s begin!

Is Donald Trump Running for President in 2024?

Is Donald Trump Running for President in 2024?
Is Donald Trump Running for President in 2024?

We compiled the opinions of 10 political experts on whether or not Trump will run for president.

Molly Roberts: YES!

“Because of the attention, he will go. If he doesn’t win again, people will stop calling him “a loser.” So Trump might take credit for a victory that someone else won. But, how long can he stand to have the attention focused on someone else? As a result, some conservatives may believe that former President Obama is their greatest hope for a new leader. But, of course, Trump and his ego may be unable to resist if enough people convince him that he is the only one who can solve the problem.

Eugene Robinson: NO.

Trump will pretend to run, and he may even declare his candidacy at some time. However, we will see whether he will really run for president again, and we doubt it. He won’t take the chance of losing again. Also, pretending to listen to all the dull bureaucrats, members of Congress, and generals with their uninspired topics is less bother and more fun than a past president. Donald Trump is an emperor who thrives in exile because he gets to control the Republican Party and humiliate obedient subjects for his delight.

Gary Abernathy: YES.

It’s hard to see a situation where Trump decides not to run again. Given the mix of grassroots and institutional GOP support, the fundraising engine at his fingertips, and an undiminished ego, he’ll definitely run for president. His party’s nomination is a foregone conclusion. He is certain he can win the general election in November, particularly because he has already done so. 

Karen Tumulty: YES.

Predicting Trump’s actions is always a risky endeavor. However, we believe he can win if and only if:

  • He is physically capable.
  • He is certain that he will succeed.

Meanwhile, don’t expect him to wobble in his commitment. Because he knows that if he doesn’t run, he’ll be cast into a black hole that he would never willingly enter. Hence, he’ll continue to offer the possibility

James Hohmann: NO.

If Trump does not run, he cannot lose again. Suppose he waits until the last possible time, maybe the day before the Iowa caucus filing date. In that case, he will declare that he will not participate. He won’t do it because he understands that announcing that he’s resigning early will make him a lame duck. Instead, he’ll take his time to watch who runs and what they have to say about him. Although we predicted that Trump would not run for president in 2016, we were mistaken when we traveled to New Hampshire in 2011 to cover Trump’s presidential flirtation. And for the records, he did run for president in 2016.

Megan McArdle: YES.

As of today, we believe Trump will run for president until and unless an illness or accident prevents him from doing so. Some political disruption might make it clear (even to him) if he loses a re-election bid on January 6th. However, we can’t see how his ego would allow him to move aside.

Jonathan Capehart: NO.

Trump will not seek re-election. That’s because Trump would have to put forth much effort to get a job he doesn’t want. He despised the job earlier except for the ceremonial occasions and the expensive public housing and transportation. Also, throughout his time as president, Trump conducted himself more like a retiree who spends his days golfing and screaming at his TV. 

Christine Emba: YES.

He couldn’t possibly refuse. Trump realized the first time he ran for president that it was a golden chance to make money. So this time, he’ll have the chance to relax in the admiration of his followers and adversaries’ attention. But, for the rest of us, it’s all bad news.

Jennifer Rubin: YES.

If nothing else, Trump will declare his candidacy because he seeks attention and believes it will be more difficult for authorities to pursue a candidate amid a campaign. That does not guarantee that he will run on the ballot in 2024; however, he could rethink only if he has health or legal issues or is afraid of losing.

Hugh Hewitt: YES.

Regardless of the ebb and flow of history, we believe Trump will seek re-election. For Trump, competitiveness is the norm. In the absence of a health crisis, we and everyone we know on the Republican side of the aisle believe he will run for president again.

What Is the Filing Deadline to Run for President in 2024?

What Is the Filing Deadline to Run for President in 2024?
What Is the Filing Deadline to Run for President in 2024?

The filing deadline to run for president in 2024 is 8:00 P.M on Election Day. The candidates cannot submit before January of 2024.

Final Words – Is Trump Running in 2024?

Finally, you’ve got the answer you were looking for! Will Trump run for president again? It’s a definite “maybe.” The experts’ opinions were 7 yeses to 3 noes. Hence, this year’s race for the White House is still very much up in the air. However, Trump says that a 2024 election will keep him out of prison.