Why do Kids Love Spiderman

“With great power, comes great responsibility!” This is what Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman dearly believes into. These are the wise words of his late uncle, the noble Ben Parker. Spiderman made his first appearance in August 1962 via the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15. Since then, webhead has made his way onto several movies, TV shows, animated shows, etc.

Spiderman enjoys a humungous level of popularity, especially among the young viewers. Is it because of his loudmouth nature, his sheer honesty, his skill and intelligence, or what? Well, there are several reasons why people, ranging from children to grown-ups, adore him. Let us check out some of the most obvious reasons.

An intelligent Kid
First of all, Spiderman a.k.a. Peter Parker is an intelligent teenager. He gets good grades in his class and is very good in science. His teachers love him because he is a student with a great potential. Many people like him because he is intelligent and a great problem solver. He uses his skill and intelligence not only for his own good but for helping others too.

Humorous Blabbering
No one can deny attraction for Spiderman’s knack for bad-mouthing villains during his engagement, which is most of the time humorous, with them. Whether it is addressing villains with funny names or breaking the fourth wall of comedy, nobody does it better than Spiderman. Many times, he makes his boor ability as a weapon against his nemeses that prove to be more than a challenge to him.

Has no Mentor
Another reason for kids loving Spiderman is that he has no mentor like other superheroes but still manages to pull out great work on his own. He always keep the last words of his deceased uncle in his mind, whenever dealing with a worse situation. Moreover, he always respects his peers and takes their advice seriously, whether it is Iron Man or Captain America.

Spiderman is Cool!

Last but not the least; Kids immensely like Spiderman because he is simply cool. There is no denying to the fact. Kids love things or people that are attractive and cool, so it’s obvious that Spiderman is adored by kids. He himself makes his costume and web shooters. Even though he has no access to state-of-the-art technology, he is able to develop gadgets that assist him in fighting crime and kicking some baddy butt.