What is Charging Error 5 Roomba?

So, what is charging error 5 Roomba? Are you a Roomba vacuum series owner experiencing issues with an error 5 syntax?

Technology has significantly improved our way of life, one example being the use of robotic appliances like the Roomba vacuum.

Understandably, when your Roomba suddenly displays an ERR5, you’d want to have this problem fixed as soon as possible, given how much easier these products make our lives.

Since Roomba Error 5 is a charging fault, you want to ensure you take all the essential steps to resolve it. For this reason, we have put together this article for you that is simple to follow so you can get your Roomba back to charging properly.

What Do You Mean by Roomba Error 5?

Your robotic vacuum’s Roomba error 5 is a ‘Charging Error’ with its software.

Your Roomba can’t charge properly if you experience a charging error on your vacuum. However, due to its inability to receive power, it will not be able to operate effectively.

Why Is my Roomba Constantly Reporting a Charging Defect?

Several things can cause the Roomba error 5:

Reason 1: The Battery Is Not in Contact With the Connection Panel

First, if you are using a charging platform to charge your Roomba, it should automatically position itself on the platform without your assistance. If the battery does not establish full contact with its charging plate, it will not obtain a satisfactory charging unit, and the error 5 code will show.

Reason 2: The Yellow Tab Remains Attached

You might have neglected to take off the yellow battery pull tab inside the battery compartment if you just bought a new battery. The error 5 problems should disappear if you take this piece out of the battery compartment.

Reason 3: The Charging and Battery Terminals Both Contain Dirt and Debris

The Roomba won’t work properly if dust and filth have accumulated in the charging dock terminals and inside the robot’s battery components.

Remove debris from the Roomba’s battery and charging plates with a clean, dry dust cloth.

It would help if you took the battery out so you may clean the area around it.

Reason 4: Its Charging Cord Is Defective

The Roomba won’t be able to charge if the wire between the dock for charging and the socket point is faulty in allowing power to pass through.

It will prevent the vacuum from charging properly, whether you plug the charging cable directly into it or through the docking station.

Reason 5: A Bug Exists in the Software

If your Roomba has defective software, it could result in any error appearing on your vacuum when you try to use it.

Pressing down on the power button for around thirty seconds, then doing it again two or three more times, will do a reset.

If you are attempting to perform the reset but the charging error keeps appearing, finish the reset process while the Roomba is charging.

Reason 6: Your Battery is Too Depleted

Error 5 could appear if the battery in your Roomba requires constant charging with a lab charger.

You can swap out your old battery for a new one that can charge your Roomba in a typical manner.

Fixes For Roomba Charging Error 5

To fix your Roomba Error 5, follow these instructions:

Solution 1: Try Resetting Your Roomba

You can try to perform a full reset by holding down the “docking” and “spot” switches together for about fifteen seconds and holding down the power control for thirty seconds to reset your robot.

After this, you must charge your Roomba for at least 16 hours with the charging cord inserted into the vacuum.

Solution 2: Complete the Cleaning

Like many other faults a Roomba may encounter, one primary remedy is cleaning the hardware thoroughly.

It prevents debris from entering the cracks around the battery and docking plates, which could lead to problems.

The solution is to remove the battery and wipe the interior and surroundings with a fresh cloth.

Solution 3: Put the Roomba Battery Back in

We can resolve error 5 problems by taking out the replacement battery. By finishing this task, you can restart the Roomba without any potential hiccups and refresh it.

It’s crucial to reinstall the battery correctly because any missing element will result in a defective battery.

Your Roomba will display an additional error if it cannot pick up an inserted battery.

Solution 4: Remove the Docking Plate’s Plug

The hardware of the Roomba may require a reset of the docking plate.

Remove the plate’s plug before waiting at least a minute.

It would be best if you wiped out the area with a towel while you waited to ensure that there is nothing on the charging plates that might come in the way of the battery and the dock.

Solution 5: Perform a Factory Reset

You can erase all previously saved settings and preferences on your Roomba by doing a factory reset.

As long as you are using the same Wi-Fi network as your Roomba, you can accomplish this using the iRobot app on your device;

Step 1: Enter the settings menu.

Step 2: Select “Factory Reset.”

You can perform a factory reset with only your Roomba connected to Wi-Fi.

Final Words – What is Charging Error 5 Roomba?

When automated equipment suddenly seems to be experiencing a malfunction you are unaware of, relying on it might be distressing.

We hope that this article has given you all the information you need to fix Roomba error 5 as fast as possible, as well as all the knowledge you need to take care of your Roomba and know what to watch out for in the future.