What Is Mr. Beast Net Worth?

So, what is Mr. Beast net worth? Mr. Beast is an American YouTuber and entrepreneur with millions of dollars in net worth. He is the proprietor of a quick-service burger restaurant named Beast Burgers and Feastables. His birth name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he is famous for the high-stakes exploits he does and the humanitarian work he does. He completed his schooling at the Greenville Christian Academy.

Donaldson has a sizable following across many social media platforms. He is also one of Team Tree’s co-founders of a campaign to raise money for the Arbor Day media organization.

He is the winner of a profusion of awards, including the Streamy Awards, the Kids’ Choice Awards, and others. 

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What Is Mr. Beast’s Net Worth?

What Is Mr. Beast's Net Worth?
What Is Mr. Beast’s Net Worth?

He has a net worth of around 55 million dollars. You can attribute Mr. Beast’s net worth of $55 million to the MrBeast Youtube channel. His entire fortune is the result of his internet enterprises, including his YouTube channels, the official shop for MrBeast, and other such ventures. Jimmy’s videos gaining tens of millions of views are the reason behind his money.

As of May 2017, Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, had about one million followers on his YouTube channel. As of now (the month of June in the year 2022), MrBeast has more than 97 million members, and Mr. Beasts fans often call him the Santa Claus of YouTube.

MrBeast is a popular YouTuber renowned for giving millions of dollars to various people, including friends, acquaintances, and members of his own family. In case you were wondering, the following are some of MrBeast’s most significant achievements: (aka Jimmy Donaldson).

  • Successfully collected $20 million to plant 20 million trees for the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Donated almost one hundred automobiles, one of which was a Lamborghini.
  • Donated a personal island to charity
  • He did many more insane things like this, like giving out one million bucks in a single video.

Is Mrbeast a Millionaire or a Billionaire?

Is Mrbeast a Millionaire or a Billionaire?
Is Mrbeast a Millionaire or a Billionaire?

Mr. Beast is a multimillionaire whom we expect to have a net worth of around $100 million in 2022. The bulk of his money comes from the YouTube channels he runs in conjunction with his enterprises.

According to Forbes, in 2019 and 2020, his YouTube channel was also one of the most popular and was seen by most people. The YouTube analytics company SocialBlade estimates that he brings in at least $500,000 every month from YouTube advertisements alone. The total of his YouTube videos can bring him at least $3 million every month.

Because of his successful YouTube channel, item sales, and sponsorship deals with companies like Microsoft and Electronic Arts, he was one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world in the year 2020. His earnings totaled $24 million.

More than 97 million people have subscribed to his three primary channels: MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts, and Beast Reacts. MrBeast’s primary YouTube channel receives 11 million views daily from diverse places. The incorporation of advertisements into the videos can potentially bring in an average of $55,000 per day, or $20 million per year, for him.

How Does MrBeast Make Money?

How Does MrBeast Make Money?
How Does MrBeast Make Money?

For MrBeast to continue hosting such massive giveaways, he must make much money. He divulged the information about his primary YouTube channel’s exorbitant financial needs at a presentation that took place not too long ago. He has only recently launched his gaming channel to compensate for the misfortune. He intends to utilize the revenue from that endeavor to fund his philanthropic activities. Here are some other streams of his income:

Brand Collaborations

MrBeast often makes money from his YouTube channel via partnerships with other businesses. This is one of the methods that he uses. It is more accurate to state that brands cooperate with Mr.Beast instead of claiming that Mr.Beast works in conjunction with the brands. His YouTube channel is the go-to spot for large and small firms that want to advertise their goods since each of his videos quickly crosses the 30 million views threshold.

Because of his ever-increasing fame, many companies are reaching out to collaborate with him. Mr. Beast receives an enormous amount of support. Hence, he is in a position to demand whatever sum he wants in exchange for a brief appearance on Mr. Beasts’ main youtube channel. Jimmy Donaldson’s main youtube channel has over 97 million subscribers.

Secondary YouTube Channels

MrBeast is the proprietor of various YouTube channels, including Beast Reacts, MrBeast Shorts, MrBeast 2, MrBeast Gaming, and Beast Philanthropy, amongst others. There are already millions of subscribers across all of the Mr. Beast channels. The sole reason MrBeast has developed these auxiliary channels is to provide financial assistance for him to maintain his level of donation activity on his primary channel on YouTube.

MrBeast also has a sizable following on Twitch, although he rarely broadcasts his gameplay there. But every time he does, many people watch his gaming videos, and many of his followers give him money.

Other Businesses

It’s become a common practice for content creators to have their line of merchandising these days. And the same may be said for Mr. Beast. Within his assortment of items, we have access to various apparel options. His gear encompasses anything from casual apparel to designs made just for gaming and everything. He has recently begun offering a selection of apparel items as part of the MrBeast Burger initiative he is working on.

How Much Money Has Mr Beast Spent?

MrBeast has said in the past that he spends an exceptional amount of money on creating his videos for his main channel, and his experience with “Squid Game” was not an exception to this rule. In the video, he reveals that his best guess for how much money he spent on the event is $3.5 million.

MrBeast has stated that he invests an extraordinary amount of money in producing his films for his main channel. As a result, Hubspot anticipates that its higher-end CPM revenues will range anywhere from $7 to $10.

What is Mr. Beasts Monthy Income?

What is Mr. Beasts Monthy Income?
What is Mr. Beasts Monthy Income?

As indicated before, MrBeast’s YouTube video views bring in at least $3 million monthly for the channel. As an example, over the month of March 2022, Mr. Beast updated his 13 channels with a total of 54 new videos. The total number of views accumulated throughout all 54 videos was 283 million.

For us to estimate the amount of money that he makes, we need to first take into consideration the fact that Mr. Beast has three principal sources of income:

Considering each source individually:

Income from Advertising

The cost per thousand views (CPM) of video advertisements varies greatly from country to country. Compared to an ad view in Brazil, the cost of showing YouTube ads in the United States and Canada is substantially greater. On the other hand, the notion that the average video CPM of $5 is not beyond the bounds of possibility at all. This translates to a net profit of $5 for MrBeast for every thousand views. There have been 283 million views, which equates to a net income of $1.4 million.


People have reported that MrBeast demands a monthly payment of $1 million from anyone who desires to become the leading advertiser on his main video channel. For example, the credit bureau Experian acted as that month’s sponsor. However, we feel that it is realistic to presume that Beast is pulling in at least an extra one million dollars from sponsorships on his other platforms, increasing his total profits to two million dollars.


According to several different accounts, MrBeast brought in over $54 million in revenue during the previous year, almost half of which he generated through selling items. This resulted in a payment of 2,250,000 dollars per month.

Let’s round down to two million dollars to be as prudent as possible. When we add these three distinct avenues of financial gain, we obtain the following result: 1.4 + 2 + 2 Equals $5.4 million. 

Final Words – What Is Mr. Beast Net Worth?

We anticipate that Mr. Beast will have a net worth of thirty million dollars by 2022. Then, in January of 2022, he was the YouTube content creator who made the most money. As per Forbes, he would have ranked 40th in the 2020 Forbes Celebrity 100 if he had made almost the same sum of funds as Vin Diesel and Lewis Hamilton. This is assuming that he would have made the same amount of money.

This was a complete guide on Mr. Beast’s net worth.