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What Is RPX Movie?

Dive Into A Whole New World Of Cinematic Experience!

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So, what is RPX movie? A luxuriously large screen of the Regal Cinemas theaters, such as the Regal Premium Experience (RPX), can display digitally-recorded movies with an improved image and sound quality and enhanced surround sound capabilities. In addition, they show films in both two and three dimensions.

The price of admission to an RPX movie is much more than that of a regular movie ticket since it provides spectators with an enhanced viewing experience.

Find out all there is to know about an RPX theater and whether going to an RPX theater is worth the additional money you’ll need to spend on admission.

What Does RPX Mean at the Movies?

What Does RPX Mean at the Movies?
What Does RPX Mean at the Movies?

RPX is an abbreviation for “Regal Premium Experience,” which refers to a technology that Regal Cinemas released in 2010. In the years that followed, they included enhancements to the structure.

If you use an RPX format, you can watch movies on a much larger screen with superior digital and laser projectors and enhanced sound quality. You can also recline the leather seats, which adds to the overall immersive experience. For example, the price of an RPX movie is anywhere from $18 to $20, making it much more costly than a standard movie.

The more expensive tickets Regal sells for its RPX movies will be worth it, according to the company. That’s because they will show movies in both pleasant and well-appointed theaters.

The screen, created by the same firm that produces IMAX films, is far larger than the ones seen in conventional Regal theaters. Depending on the available area, this may be anywhere from 45 and 75 feet in length.

Laser projectors manufactured by RPX can project 4K movies at a brightness level of 33,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 1,850:1.

Dolby Atmos is the predominant sound system used in movie theaters in the United States. In contrast, the Aurus system is more common in European cinemas.

You may find RPX in select Regal Cinemas and Cinemark locations, in addition to additional theaters owned and managed by Regal Corporation that use the Regal brand.

But what exactly makes these encounters stand out as being of the highest quality? Go to a Regal IMAX theater. You will have the opportunity to “experience the pinnacle in movie vision and sound” since the auditory and visual quality of the film will be far higher than that of a regular movie.

RPX Audio

When it comes to sound, RPX translates to an uncompressed, robust surround sound experience. A cutting-edge surround sound system creates a fully immersive environment by synchronizing the movement of the sound to whatever is happening on the screen in front of you.

Although it is not always the case, these speakers are normally Dolby models in the United States and Aurus models in the United Kingdom. However, the brands used might vary.

RPX Visuals

RPX Visuals
RPX Visuals

The images in an RPX theater may either be in 2D or RealD 3D, depending on what the movie being shown calls for. These things bring the massive screen to life with the assistance of digital projectors. On the other hand, in contrast to many other premium media, almost any film may be adapted for the screen.

A typical RPX screen employs 4K projectors. It has a vertical height of around 40 feet and a width of approximately 60 feet. However, these dimensions may vary.

What Is an RPX Movie Theater?

RPX Visuals
RPX Visuals

At forty feet tall and sixty feet wide, RPX screens are much bigger than the typical movie theater screen. This information comes from Regal themselves. Even yet, it’s still a lot smaller than an IMAX screen, which is normally 52 by 72 inches in dimension. This is Regal’s “Premium Large Format” offering, and we would say it reaches its target in terms of dimensions. They use dual 30,000-lumen digital projectors to show films.

When it comes to audio, things become a little more complicated since you don’t know what your local theater uses. According to Regal, they use Dolby Atmos 7.1 or Auro 11.1 in RPX theaters. Although many individuals claim that people are unsure of which they are using, you may phone and ask an employee. However, it is not easy to place the responsibility on the workers since this information does not seem readily available.

The theaters were supposed to have eight 21-inch subwoofers when they were first released, but that was nearly a decade ago. Between 2010 and 2022, the precise amount may have altered dramatically. However, the audio seems to be highly praised by reviewers, and it seems to highlight the whole experience.

Despite Regal’s assurances, we’ve noticed multiple instances when specific theaters have not offered this feature. For example, many individuals have complained about the chair speakers, saying they detract from the film and are a nuisance.



At this point, let’s talk about Regal’s leather seats. In certain theaters, they even recline. Even though this is a significantly superior option in terms of comfort, we should caution you if the theater doesn’t have excellent air conditioning. So, while watching a three-hour movie in 80-degree heat, we fear thinking about how these seats would look. Even if you don’t need to use them, this also holds true for you.

The Regal Premium Experience is available for both two- and three-dimensional films. Because the seats are further from the action, people usually prefer 3D in certain cinemas. This would enhance the depth of the 3D experience on such a large screen; however, getting too near to the screen might diminish it.

What’s the Difference Between a Standard and an RPX Movie?

What's the Difference Between a Standard and an RPX Movie?
What’s the Difference Between a Standard and an RPX Movie?

RPX is a significant advancement over many previous film formats. However, it is only one of many options in the world of competing theatres. Below is an overview of the differences between RPX and other types of theatres.

How do you decide between the Standard and RPX versions of the same film while at a Regal theater? The RPX is the best choice if all other factors are equal.

Overall, it’s an enormous improvement.

Movie theaters like RPX get designed to make watching more pleasurable and comfortable. Because the seats are bigger, they are more comfortable. Even better, they’re usually comfier, with wider armrests and more room.

While it may not cause awkwardness, it does mean you won’t be rubbing elbows with a random stranger on a first date!

Additionally, the speakers are integrated into the seats, enhancing the sound. In addition to the wider seats, the backrests, and headrests, there is plenty of room for passers-by who do not want to shift about.

As a result, the screen is bigger, and the resolution is likely greater. However, watching movies in a brighter room is more pleasant, as is the general rule for all rooms.

Concerning an RPX seat, the only significant drawback is the higher cost. At the time of this writing, a local Regal cinema advertises a 2D ticket for $14 before tax. For example, the same movie will cost you $17.50 in RPX, although pricing might vary greatly.

It’s manageable if you have a ticket. However, the approximately 25 percent price increase compounds numerous transactions.

What Is Better, RPX or IMAX?

What Is Better, RPX or IMAX?
What Is Better, RPX or IMAX?

IMAX is the most formidable rival of RPX, and the competition between the two formats is very intense. If you’re unfamiliar with it, IMAX is a proprietary display system designed specifically for big screens. It has high-resolution cameras, superior film projectors, and original film formats.

The seating in an IMAX cinema is designed to be placed in a steep, stadium-like floor plan and gets constructed around screens that are far bigger than life. As a direct consequence of this, these theaters provide

  • Unmatchable views
  • Wonderful comfort
  • Expansive seats
  • Best-in-class level of luxury

RPX is awesome. However, IMAX will come out on top in most cases compared to the other formats. The normal dimensions of an IMAX screen are around 52 feet in height and 72 feet in width. This makes them nearly six times the size of a conventional screen. This means it is broader and higher than an RPX screen by an additional twelve feet.

Picture Quality

When it comes to picture quality, IMAX screens are almost impossible to surpass.

The audio presentation in an IMAX cinema is likewise of astonishingly high quality. IMAX shines with its impeccable tuning, pinpoint precision, and ability to guarantee that every seat gets a faultless “sweet spot” audio experience.

RPX and IMAX are at the top of their game in providing stunningly immersive audio in theaters constructed from the ground up to accommodate this audio.

It is widely agreed upon that IMAX displays a quality that is somewhat superior to RPX. However, the gap isn’t that large. Although the theater is bigger, some people, depending on where they sit, could prefer a screen that is just a little bit smaller.

In addition, the audio is impeccable, thanks to the use of IMAX on both ends. Also, the chairs and the auditoriums are specially constructed to provide the highest possible comfort.

When everything is said and done, it boils down to taste.

Does RPX Cost More?

Does RPX Cost More?
Does RPX Cost More?

The last factor that we want to investigate is the price difference between seeing a movie in an RPX cinema and an IMAX theater. As a result of the fact that they are both premium movie experiences, the prices for both of them are more than the average ticket price. So much while IMAX is already somewhat pricey, RPX tickets may often be even more costly.

An IMAX ticket typically costs twenty dollars, while discounts are available for those of a certain age and younger children. For example, you may purchase RPX for an average of $18 to $21. Since the prices are almost the same, the variance is, in most circumstances, insignificant. For example, suppose you are purchasing an RPX ticket for a youngster or senior citizen. In that case, you will likely find the most affordable price is $16. The pricing of IMAX tickets is about the same for various categories. However, they change according to where you go.

Because RPX is a more recent format, some cinemas believe that they can get away with charging higher prices for it. Nevertheless, both formats are premium, so you must pay premium pricing.

Final Words – What Is RPX Movie?

Compared to movies in regular theaters, those in the Regal Premium Experience cinema have a higher level of audio and visual quality.

Their custom-built theaters are roomier, more comfortable, and include superior theater seats and built-in speakers, offering a more laid-back viewing experience.

Even though people often regard IMAX and Dolby as superior quality, RPX movies continue to provide viewers with an exceptional viewing experience.

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