Where Does the Pope Live?

The pope is popularly acknowledged as the highest Roman priest or supreme priest. But where does the pope live? Currently, he owns three citizenship of countries; the Vatican, Argentina, and Italy. Pope Francis is the leader of the Vatican City and the world’s commander of religion. During the election, supreme power is given to the Pope as he’s the head of the Roman Catholic church.

He is an ideal epitome of holiness and righteousness. Globally, he is one of the most popular public figures, with an Instagram audience of eight million people. He adopted the name Francis, in the glory of a Catholic friar, named Francis from the 12th century, Italy.

Pope Francis was a tango dancer before he started serving as the Priest. Certainly, the Papal leader is much more than just an ordinary priest!

Where Does Pope Live?

Where Does Pope Live?

Pope’s official residence is the Papal apartment between October and June each year. The Papal apartment is a section of the Apostolic Palace, a building connected to St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

In St Peter’s Square, if you stand fronting the Basilica and focus on your right, you’ll spot the Papal apartments. The topmost floor of a massive, square block beyond the statues. Vatican City is famous for paintings and sculptures like St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Apostolic Palace comprises approximately one thousand rooms with ten in the private apartments. Amongst the ten private apartments, one of them is the study of the current Pope. The Pope delivers his Papal blessings from the balcony of the library. 

This window is marked by a red Papal flag, so, one can easily recognize it. You can visit the last resting place of Pope John Paul in the Vatican City.

Who Lives in the Vatican?

Who Lives in the Vatican?

Only 800 people reside in the Vatican City. Every native who lives in the Vatican city is Roman Catholic and is acknowledged to be influential or prestigious in some way or the other among Catholics. The priests (ones who are religiously contributing to the country) and the Swiss Guards (the soldiers of the Vatican City) are the only individuals permitted to live inside the Vatican City.

Around 2,400 people work within the Vatican City, generally in the museums, Vatican library, and attractions, that commute each day from Italy. As there is no hospital in Vatican City, to gain citizenship you actually don’t need to be born in the country. Citizenship is permitted based on supremacy and potentiality within the country.

Where Does the Pope Live in Rome?

Italy is the residence of many special art cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice fascinating the masses for centuries. Vatican City is one of the most sought-after Roman landmarks. It is a form of a pure monarchy and the world’s smallest state.

Even though it is one of the juvenile states, it has an early history. The popes reside in numerous places in and out of Rome. Generally, it is mentioned that the pope dwells in Vatican City.

The Vatican Palace, otherwise known as Apostolic Palace, is the ritualistic house of the current and former popes. Vatican Palace is famously known as the Papal Palace or, as the public calls it, the Apostolic Palace. The building was constructed in the late 16th century, as a tribute to Pope Sixtus V.

St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the world, hosts the Papal Palace in its northeast direction. The palace is somewhat covered by the broad columns encircling St. Peter’s Square.

Where Does the Pope Sleep?

The pope is the king because he is the monarch. A pope makes at least $50,000 per year. Unlike us, the pope doesn’t receive a genuine payment. Instead, all his expenditures and living expenses are ministered by the Vatican. Pope Francis is living a satisfactory life and is known to go out without some benefits that were enjoyed by other popes.

The pope resides in the Papal Palace, which means he sleeps there. We can say that during the time he is in the Vatican, the Apostolic Palace is the place where he takes a full night’s sleep. The pope has to travel a lot, being the highest power associated with the Catholic Church and also the head of the Vatican City.

Where Does Pope Francis Live?

Pope Francis is not in favor of shifting to the papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace. Instead, he prefers residing in Vatican guesthouse quarter, where he has been since the starting of his tenure.

With this type of living arrangement, he is trying out a life that is not only straightforward but also permits him to dwell in a community with local residents, both the permanent citizens (priests and bishops who work at the Vatican) as well as the visitors who come to the Vatican for gatherings and assemblies.

In 110 years, he is the first pope who is not residing on the third floor of the papal apartments at the Apostolic Palace. Pope Benedict lived in Mater Ecclesiae Monastery

Does the Pope Live in the Sistine Chapel

Apostolic Palace has various chapels in which one chapel is the Sistine Chapel. It is located in Vatican City, where Pope Francis stays. Earlier Sistine Chapel was used as a chapel of the Vatican fort known as Cappella Magna.

Its name signifies Pope Sixtus IV who commanded its refurbishment between 1473 and 1481. The Sistine Chapel is the location for the primary papal ceremonies and is used for the selection of a new pope when there is a vacancy, by the Sacred College of Cardinals.

Final Words – Where Does the Pope Live?

Pope is the head of the Vatican City and the supreme power of the Roman Catholic Church. The pope lives in the Apostolic Palace which is in the Vatican City state located in Rome. An ancient fortified palace was demolished to build the Apostolic Palace. Pope Francis is the current leader of the Vatican City. The new pope is always elected in The Sistine Chapel.