Where is Family Feud Filmed?

So, where is Family Feud filmed? Do you want to know about the latest production of a game show which surpassed many other popular game shows on IMDb ratings? You guessed it right! We are talking about the Family Feud television show. The show has two families in a new season or the past season. Because of its unique theme, Family Feud’s studio audience is always massive. 

Although it’s true, that plenty of other people hosted this show, it is the host Steve Harvey who has created the hype among people. The Family Feud has around half-hour episodes that run less than 30 minutes. Till now, this show has many hosts. Also, its current season will soon premiere. 

If you are a fan of the Family Feud show, how about knowing where Family Feud is filmed? This article will disclose where Family Feud is filmed and several other things related to the show. For example, what is the audition process for hosts of Family Feud in multiple episodes? Furthermore, we will disclose the best attire to wear if you get selected for a studio appearance. 

But first, let us give you a quick recap of what this show is about. Scroll on!

What is Family Feud?

What is Family Feud?
What is Family Feud?

Family Feud is a classic American television game show that pits two families against each other in a friendly competition. The game aims to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. Steve Harvey is the host of Family Feud. This popular television game show has been entertaining audiences worldwide for decades. And hence, youngsters, adults, and everyone remain fascinated with Family Feud. 

The game goes like this; the family that guesses the most answers wins the game. Family Feud is a great way to bring families together and have some friendly competition. It’s also a great way to test your knowledge of pop culture. Coming to the point, let’s dive into the question – where is Family Feud filmed? Scroll on!

Where is Steve Harvey’s Family Feud Being Taped in 2022?

As of now, there is no word on it. But, Deadline’s report says the game show will split between Los Angeles and Atlanta. If you’re a fan of Family Feud, keep an eye out for updates about Family Feud tape dates in 2022!

Where Was Family Feud Filmed in 2021?

In 2021, the most amazing unscripted television production was set up in Trilith Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia. The show’s current host in 2021 is Steve Harvey, who took over from the previous host Richard Dawson in 2010. The show’s set features a large oval desk with two podiums for the families. Behind the set is a large audience, which cheers and claps along with the action on the show. 

Where Was Family Feud Filmed in 2020?

After spending several years in California, Family Feud returned to Atlanta in August 2020. The short answer is several locations were part of the production. Some Family Feud episodes aired and have taken place on a set in Atlanta. At the same time, there are a few episodes shot in vast locations all across the country. Regardless of filming location, this unique themed show leaves no table unturned to entice the audience. 

Where Was Family Feud Filmed 2019?

The season of Family Feud in 2019 was way bigger and better than ever with the hit game show. It took place in the Atlanta area. Even in 2019, this high-energy family show has quirky contestants and unlimited drama. 

Where in Atlanta Is Family Feud Filmed?

Family feud is a game show that has been running for many years. The game’s goal is for two families to compete against each other by answering questions to score points. The family with the most points at the end of the game wins. Trilith Studios in Atlanta is one of the locations. 

For many reasons, the large population of Atlanta has a lot to do. Furthermore, Atlanta has diversity. And hence, Atlanta was the base of the Family Feud production unit. 

This show is popular with all age groups and Races. Another reason why Family Feud chose to film in Atlanta is that the city has a lot of history.

Family Feud decided to film in Atlanta to show some of the historical landmarks on the show. These landmarks include the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, and Zoo Atlanta. If you are ever in Atlanta and see signs for Family Feud news, go watch! It’s a fun experience for everyone involved.

Who All Are a Part of the Family Feud Cast?

The Family Feud cast comprises individuals who share blood or marriage relations. In a nutshell, it’s all about a mock version of the games against another family. This entertaining show pits two families against each other in rounds. The contestants need to guess the answer to survey questions. The one who makes the highest score is the winner. 

It shouldn’t have come to you as a surprise that the show’s cast has changed over the years. But Steve Harvey is one of those members who’s been the pride of the Family Feud show since 2010. Alongside, special thanks to Alfonso Ribeiro, who joined the show as a host in 2014.

Also, many other cast members help make the show entertaining and engaging in addition to those two hosts. The cast of Family Feud stated that it is an entertaining game show.

One of these members is Ty Murray, a contestant on the show in 2001. Ty Murray is an eight-time world champion rodeo cowboy. Plus, he has won several awards for his skill and talent in that sport. 

Another notable Family Feud member is David Hester, a contestant. He is synonymous with one of the most successful treasure hunters globally. Also, David Hester is lucky to get featured on several reality TV shows. 

List Of The Hosts of ‘Family Feud’

List Of The Hosts of 'Family Feud'
List Of The Hosts of ‘Family Feud’

Steve Harvey: 2010-present

American Comedian Steve Harvey is synonymous with Family Feud for new-age youngsters and adults alike. For years, the Host Steve Harvey has been a mainstay of the family game show landscape. Thanks to his enduring popularity. Steve Harvey also hosted Family Feud Africa and Celebrity Family Feud. Steve Harvey also does a popular show named “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” He has an average net worth of $200 million.

Throughout his career, he has proven himself to be a skilled interviewer. This American comedian is a master in contestant engagement. Watch the show for Steve’s iconic humor and charm. There’s no denying Steve Harvey is synonymous with the family game show genre.

And while many other hosts have come and gone over the years, Steve remains one of the most beloved figures in this fun and entertaining industry. On Thursday, the 64-year-old TV personality revealed his upcoming reality courtroom comedy show, Judge Steve Harvey, on his Instagram. According to Deadline reports, Steve Harvey.

In the summer of 2014, Steve Harvey found he had a cancer diagnosis. Steve Harvey was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), and he burst into tears. As he approached middle age, Harvey began running half marathons. 

Richard Dawson: 1976-1985, 1994-1995

Richard Dawson was the original host of Family Feud, which debuted in 1976. Richard Dawson was smart and had a penchant for quick wit and the ability to bring out the best in the contestants. He also had a great sense of humor, which often came through his interactions with the contestants. Besides being a great host, Richard Dawson was also a very successful game show producer.

He produced several successful TV game shows, including The Newlywed Game and The Gong Show. In addition to his work on television, Richard Dawson also had a successful career as a stand-up comedian. He appeared on many popular talk shows, including The Tonight Show and The Dick Cavett Show. At his death, Richard Dawson had a net worth of $100,000.

He also starred in several films, including The Young Lions and The Valentino Conspiracy. Richard Dawson passed away in 2012, but he left behind a legacy of laughter and entertainment.

Ray Combs: 1988-1993

Ray Combs was one of the most popular hosts of the game show Family Feud. He began hosting the show in 1988 and continued for six seasons until 1994. Combs is a cluster of high energy and quick wit, making him a hit with audiences. He often ad-libbed his way through the show, and his spontaneity was a large part of his appeal.

In addition to his work on Family Feud, Combs also hosted several other game shows, including The $25,000 Pyramid and Hollywood Squares. He also had a successful career as a stand-up comedian, appearing on The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman. Sadly, Combs died in 1996 at the age of 40. However, he continues to be fondly remembered by those who watched him on Family Feud.

Richard Karn: 2002-2006

Since the early days of his career, Richard Karn has been a fixture on the small screen. One of the most memorable roles is Steve Urkel’s dad on the hit sitcom Family Matters. But perhaps his most iconic role is that of the host of Family Feud, a position he held for over a decade. During his time on the show, Richard brought warmth, humor, and intelligence to the proceedings. And hence, he made one of the most beloved game shows on TV.

Richard always took center stage to the extreme, whether you tuned in to catch classic contestants like “the Reading Rainbow girls” or contemporary favorites like Elizabeth Banks and James Franco.

There was always something new and exciting to see when Richard took center stage. And though he may have left Family Feud in 2004, he still is one of the best hosts for many people. Unquestionably, this charming entertainer has carved his image for a generation. 

Louie Anderson: 1994-1999

When Louie Anderson announced the new host of Family Feud, many people were skeptical. After all, Anderson was best known for his roles in animated TV shows, not as a live-action game show host. But over time, Anderson quickly won over fans with his endearing personality and unique sense of humor.

He brought warmth and charm to the show that perfectly complemented its familiar format. Louie Andrson was a master at engaging contestants and audiences alike with his witty one-liners. Today, Louie Anderson is synonymous with one of the most successful game show hosts. Thanks to his work on Family Feud.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a new convert to Family Feud, there’s no denying that Louie Anderson is one of the best hosts the show has ever had. And this fact won’t change any time soon!

John O’Hurley

John O’Hurley has long been a favorite choice to host the hit game show Family Feud. He is famous for his quick wit and playful sense of humor. Furthermore, O’Hurley exudes charm and charisma that keeps audiences engaged throughout each episode.

Whether cracking jokes with contestants or delivering one-liners in response to the “fast money” questions, O’Hurley’s natural talent shines through at every turn. And his dedication to keeping each show fresh, exciting, and memorable sets him apart from other game show hosts.

Whether you’re tuning in for the first time or a longtime fan, you can’t help but be bowled over by John O’Hurley as Family Feud host. His infectious energy is truly unrivaled!

How to Become a Part of the Family Feud Cast?

  • Getting into the Family Feud cast is a competitive process. It takes skill, strategy, and creativity to become one of Steve Harvey’s contestants. But there is a process to do! The first step in joining the cast is filling out an application. You can find all the information you need and submit your application online.
  • To increase your chances of getting selected, you must create a photo packet for your application. This packet should include photos of yourself and any friends or family members you think like your competitor in the show. 
  • The producers like to see potential Family Feud contestants interacting and having fun. So you’ll want to include plenty of photos that show your ability to connect with others and capture the excitement of a game.
  • You may also want to boost your chances by attending open casting calls. These are auditions where anyone can show up and try out for the show. But keep in mind the dress code too!
  • Check out various cities where open casting calls may hold. Most importantly, make sure to arrive early to have a high enough position in the queue.
  • You’ll want to prepare your best material for the show. For example, funny stories from past experiences. Also, you can prepare exciting personal feats that display your skills and talent. Be creative!
  • At last, all you can do is wait for a response from the producers.
  • Imagine if you get selected to be on the show, the production unit will contact you and give you further instructions. 
  • From start to finish, the whole process usually takes several months, so be patient!
  • Joining the cast of Family Feud is a fun and exciting way to test your skills, meet new people, and potentially win some great prizes. You might play the game on national television with a little effort and luck. Good luck!

Final Words

Family Feud is a hugely popular game show that has been on television for decades. The key to becoming a part of the cast is being creative, showing your enthusiasm and talent for the game, and making a strong impression on the producers. If you feel like you are a perfect fit for the show, join the cast by filling out an application. Next, create a photo packet, and attend open casting calls. Not to mention, the production unit follows all the safety protocols.