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Why Did Jack Stapleton Kill Sir Charles?

So, Why Did Jack Stapleton Kill Sir Charles?

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So, why did jack stapleton kill sir charles? The uncanny atmosphere generated from the mystery of Sherlock Holmes’s narrative plunges the reader into an aura of uncertainty. It leads the readers to a sinister design that introduces them to Watson. As the story unfolds, the supernatural happenings make the reader dwell between illusion and reality.

Many Sherlock Holmes stories circle money and murder, and The Hound Of The Baskervilles is no different from this genre. The story revolves around a superstitious region of Dartmoor in England, where the sightings of a hound generate gossip. It shows readers how inheritance and wealth can be an issue and may even lead to sinister things like murder.

Jack Stapleton is one of the most intriguing characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Readers get a surprising and odd impression of him when he introduces himself to Watson when they are on the moors. Watson instantly gets an unsettling feeling from the way Jack says how he already knows who he is. Jack’s knowledge of Watson’s connection with Sherlock also worries him about this person and his role.

The unfolding of the character of Watson in the well-constructed plot of House of Baskervilles is a masterpiece that not only thrills its spectators but also makes him reconsider the true meaning of a thriller narrative.

Who Was Stapleton?

Who Was Stapleton?
Who Was Stapleton?

Jack Stapleton is the primary antagonist of the Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound Of The Baskervilles, published in 1902. He was a schoolmaster and an entomologist, but the most crucial information is that he was a criminal after the Baskerville money.

On the outside, he was a polite Victorian schoolmaster, but internally, he was a quick-tempered man. One can see glimpses of his innocuous though the eccentric character in various excerpts of the story. He married Beryl Stapleton, a young woman from South America. He was also an escaped convict who fatally shot a man.

However, Jack’s real name was Roger Baskerville, the same as his father’s, making him one of the Baskervilles. Therefore, he was Sir Charles Baskerville’s nephew and the cousin of Sir Henry Baskerville.

Why Did Jack Stapleton Kill Sir Charles Baskerville?

Why Did Jack Stapleton Kill Sir Charles Baskerville?
Why Did Jack Stapleton Kill Sir Charles Baskerville?

Stapleton needed money, and he could get that from his family estate. But, first, he had to share it with Sir Henry, as both of them could claim the biological inheritance. Hence, Stapleton turns himself into a criminal mastermind and plans his family’s murder to get his hands on the Baskerville fortune.

He needed to kill Henry Baskerville to be the sole owner of the Baskerville hall. He even went to great lengths to achieve his goal by tying up his wife, Mrs. Beryl Stapleton, to stop her from warning Sir Henry about Stapleton’s murderous plan.

Why And How Did Stapleton Create The Hound Of The Baskervilles?

To carry out his plan of murdering Sir Charles Baskerville and Sir Henry, Stapleton created the vicious hound, which looked like an embellished real-life hound. He applied phosphorus to the hound’s body to achieve a glowing and supernatural effect. Stapleton also steals Sir Henry’s boots. The boots helped the hound get accustomed to Sir Henry’s scent. He even kept the hound starving, so it would get more violent and vicious.

How Did Stapleton Carry Out His Plan?

Stapleton wanted to take advantage of Charles Baskerville’s heart condition, leading him to his demise. He also wanted to kill Sir Henry but did not want to conduct these murders directly to avoid the suspicion falling on him.

When Jack let his hound dog out in the fog, a superstitious Charles suffered a heart attack as he was frightened by the sight of the sinister animal. However, Stapleton’s efforts to kill Sir Henry went to waste as Holmes shot his dog. Afterward, Stapleton flees, only to meet his end at the mire.

Did Stapleton Die At The End?

Did Stapleton Die At The End?
Did Stapleton Die At The End?

Yes, at the end of the story, we see the death of Stapleton. Before Sherlock Holmes and Watson could catch Stapleton red-handed, he heard the shots fired by Holmes at the hound to kill the dog.

Watson theorizes that when Stapleton attempted to flee, he might have lost himself in the fog. While escaping, Stapleton seemed to have lost footing inside his hidden lair in the Great Grimpen Mire. Consequently, he drowned in the mire and met his end.

Final Words

The Hound Of The Baskervilles is a story that builds up the suspense for the reader and keeps them wondering about the mystery. Stapleton seems like an odd person at the first glimpse due to his behavior with Watson. However, the villain of this novel has no obvious sign that he was supposed to be the antagonist.

The unexpected twists keep the readers hooked on the story. The small details leading up to the big reveal of Stapleton’s motive and act make the Hound Of The Baskervilles one of the greatest stories of all time.

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