Why do a large number of tourists travel to Lebanon

Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East, is surrounded by a sprawling coastline toward its east. This country is famous for its rich cultural heritage and thus, is a famous destination for both local and foreign tourists. Christened the “Switzerland of the East” in the 1960s, Lebanon boasts of some of the best cities in the world that can be easily explored by tourists. The clearly defined climate conditions, hot during summers and cold during winters, facilitate tourism. Therefore, visitors from across the world visit the extraordinary tourist locations in Lebanon. The ten best places to visit in Lebanon are as follows:

  1. Qadisha Valley

Also known as Kadisha Valley, this holy valley has been depicting the Christian tradition for millennia, with ancient Christian monastic communities living here even today. The cultural significance of the Holy Qadisha Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, makes it a vibrant tourist destination. It is worth a visit not only for this reason but also because of its natural beauty. The beautiful view of the Qadisha River running in a gorge between mountains on sides and beautiful groves of cedar trees, the valley attracts a number of hikers in summers.

  1. Temples of Baalbek

This tourist spot is famous for its Roman archaeological monuments. The temples of Jupiter and Bacchus are worth visiting. A well-informed guide who can help you with the history behind the monuments will add meaning to your visit.

  1. Jeita Grotto

With a vast, interconnected system of caves and a subterranean river running through several kilometres, Jeita Grotto finds a place among one of the New 7 Wonders of the Natural World. People travelling to Lebanon must visit this place to witness its cultural and historical marvel. A guided boat tour along the cave system’s colourful rock formations should definitely be on your list.

  1. The Corniche

It is a famous promenade area along the capital city, Beirut’s, seaside, with a wide coastal Boulevard that runs along its length. The famous Raouché rock that arches out at a distance makes the Corniche a wonderful spot to spend a relaxing evening. It is a perfect spot for families and couples. And the nearby Luna amusement park is a great attraction. You can also try pole fishing here.

  1. Baskinta

Baskinta, one of the highest Lebanese villages, is a gift of nature with its mountainous view all around. The lush, verdant mountains together with its natural aura appeal to nature lovers. Therefore, one should not miss Baskinta when travelling to Lebanon. You can halt here for a long break.

  1. Nahr Ibrahim

Nahr Ibrahim, located on the banks of a small river, Abraham, is one of the best places to visit in Lebanon. You can simply take your boat in the river and indulge in river rafting, as the river current does not pose any danger. A visit to this marvel will surely make your Lebanon visit successful.

  1. Tyre

Tyre, one of the greatest trading centres of ancient times in southern Lebanon, attracts tourists because of its pristine beaches. Today, this Phoenician city is popular because of its ancient ruins – a hippodrome and harbour – that date back to 2750 BC. The most adventurous thing you can relish here is to dive into the sea and get a glance of huge sea turtles swimming in the sea.

  1. Jounieh

Jounieh, a coastal city in the north of Beirut, is famous for its extraordinary party culture. You can simply enjoy your days near the beaches and the night in one of the many vibrant clubs. Watersports is a major activity here. The sunset here is a special attraction and people wait to watch it for long a period.

  1. The Central District of Beirut

Although completely urbanized, with fashionable boulevards and hundreds of modern stores for tourists to explore, the central district has preserved many historical sites too. The Garden of Forgiveness, the Garden in the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque and the Roman Baths have a great historical significance. Other great attractions include the Castle Square, which is the site of the ancient settlement of Berytus and the legendary Nejmeh Square.

  1. Batroun

Batroun’s distinct topography will allow you to explore both sea and mountains within the span of a few minutes. About 11 km from the city, one of the most beautiful trails is situated along the Nahr el Jaouz River. The trek is lined with walnut trees near the river edge and is fairly easy. Batroun’s famous beach and caves between the rocks and hidden lagoons also offer a picturesque view.

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