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Why do assholes love watches

Why do assholes love watches

There are watches that are more costly than a Ferrari and that’s evidence enough to prove the craze for watches. Both men and women are fond of watches. They are not just utility item that helps us keep track of time but somehow they have become associated with fashion, style, opulence and class. There is no better style statement than a pricey and beautifully crafted watch. Even if you are minimally dressed the right watch can make you appear gorgeous and elegant. The love for watches has to be questioned because it is quite baffling.

The first reason is definitely showing off and looking stylish. Clothes, shoes and make-up are all part of embellishments that attract other people and impress them. So, the reason why people are so much interested in buying expensive or at least stylish watches is that they want to look and appear impressive. Men try to match their personality and social status with the watch they wear. Even a decade ago the gold plated watches were very famous. They were worn with pride and passed onto the next generation of men. Men love power in every form. Pricey watches are a great way for telling people about their wealth and opulence and this is certainly where men get inspiration for buying expensive watches.

Men associate fashion with utility. Something uselessly fashionable is seen as too effeminate for men. So, they turn to watches for helping them appear more powerful, magnificent and sexy. The truth is a good watch does exude a manly appeal that helps men attract women around them. Men love technology and watches make them feel that they are wearing something that is related to technological inventions. It gives them a sense of satisfaction.  Watches are the ultimate fashion accessory for men as it tells a lot about their fashion sense and social status.

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