Why Do Bartenders Use Egg Whites in Cocktails

Use Egg Whites in Cocktails

Did you know that egg white could actually make a cocktail better? Yes, it can. In fact, it is about a century-old tradition to add fresh egg whites to enrich the taste of cocktails. Let us see why this is done and how it helps to make your drink better.

Although adding egg whites to a sour-type cocktail does not alter its flavor, it can really do wonders in changing its texture. You get a nice froth and rich creaminess in cocktails when you use egg whites. The silky foam appearing on the surface makes your drink look and taste completely awesome. This happens because of the presence of sugar and citrus juice in sour cocktails. Citrus juices contain citric acid that helps in strengthening the bonds between egg protein strands. On the other hand, sugar helps in increasing egg white’s viscosity. This allows egg whites to display that frothy and creamy texture in cocktails.

Since egg whites contain proteins and water, bartenders usually need to take care of the final mixture that it does not go watery. While using egg whites in cocktails, bartenders also need to focus on using clean, fresh and unbroken eggs so any bacterial contamination does not make their drink harmful or dangerous for intake. While using raw eggs in cocktails can also be dangerous, bartenders should only buy the freshest eggs and refrigerate them to prevent any bacteria from reproducing in them. Their hands should also be washed properly while making the drink.

Bartenders sometimes use the dry shake technique to avoid their drink from getting watery. They mix and shake all ingredients without the use of ice so egg proteins can show their magic in creating rich foam. Later, ice is added to the shaker in which the mixture is shaken. This strengthens the emerging foam and retains its velvety texture. Thus, egg whites can transform a simple drink to a luxurious and rich cocktail.