Why do birds fall from sky

Why do birds fall from sky

Last year falling of 50,000 birds in Arkansas made headlines everywhere as everyone was afraid as to what caused sudden falling of flying birds and their subsequent death? Surprisingly, the experts believe that there is nothing to afraid of. Falling of a large number of birds simultaneously is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about it.

In the past also there have been many cases when a large number of birds have fallen down for unexplained reasons. The scientists believe there are different reasons behind bird falling, including adverse weather conditions, diseases, climatic change, etc. All kinds of birds are susceptible to this kind of falling and this phenomenon is not limited to any one kind of birds’ group.

Though bird’s unique anatomy helps them in soaring high up in the sky but sometimes this strength can turn into their biggest weakness also. For example, if the bird’s wings get soaked then they cannot fly in the sky and are prone to falling down while flying. Probably that explains why a large number of birds fall from sky immediately after a storm.

Birds tend to fly between different air currents. Sometimes, switch of air currents lead to their freezing and falling from sky. Scientists also speculate that sometimes some kind of avian disease quickly spreads into the flocks and makes bird fall from the sky.

Blunt force trauma is another culprit behind bird’s falling from sky. By blunt force trauma we mean their collision with pillars, cars, trees, building, windmill, towers, etc. Fireworks, kite flying, etc also lead to death of birds and their subsequent falling from sky. Besides, climatic changes like windstorms, hail storms, heavy rains, cyclones, etc add to bird falling.