Why do business in Brazil

Why do business in Brazil

Thinking of starting a new business and wondering where to launch it? How about trying out Brazil in South America? Considered to be one of the most thriving business hotspots in the world, Brazil would be the best place to kick start your business in full gear. And here are some reasons why!

Brazilian Economy

Statistics reveal that the Brazilian economy stands as the 6th largest economy in the world. Over $526 billion dollars have been invested here from 2011-2014. And with the amount still estimated to grow, we think the country is considered as a potential ground for viable commercial opportunities.

Host to several World Events

Did you know that Brazil is the official host of at least 2 of the most important global sporting events in the world; the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup as well as the 2016 Olympic Games? These games are touted to be held in one of the many rising sporting venues which could come complete with state of the art architecture and modern day facilities.

Along with the sporting venues, Brazil is also prepping up to build a whole lot of new airports, terminals, roads and metro systems, and launch many new services that would make the country the cynosure of everyone’s eyes during these events. Whatever the country plans for these events would make it stand out in the world of tourism, and Brazil wants to make sure it showcases a positive, vibrant side for eager tourists.

How will all these benefit you, you ask? Well, think about this. Suppose you are able to get into one of these major events as an international sponsor, or a supplier for their requirements and services, there is no denying the fact that your business profile and standard would increase significantly. It would also lend a much needed international boost to your business.

Upcoming Projects

Tourism is gaining great importance in Brazil, and the country plans to offer several other interesting prospects for visiting tourists in the form of cultural and sporting events held in many of its smaller cities.

For instance, the Sport Center of Excellence being built in the city of Recife in North East Brazil has opened up doors for the international community to step in and get involved with the development of the structure and its services.

Several historical places in the cities of Rio and Recife are getting much needed upgrades in order to attract tourists to these areas. The cities are also opting for several waterfront developmental activities involving the construction of several luxury resorts, hotels, offices, marinas and entertainment complexes. In addition to contributing significantly to the world events in the coming years, these opportunities would be just what you are looking for in order to get a wider reach for your new business.