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Why do camels have humps

Why do camels have humps

Nature takes care of our different needs very well. It endows every animal in such a way that they are capable of taking care of themselves. This is evident from the fact that in different climatic regions different types of animals are born. Fishes can survive in aquatic environment and polar bears can live comfortably in the snow caped Polar Regions. The camels have also been endowed in such a way that they can survive in the adverse and tough desert climate. For days they have to go without water and food. That is why they have humps on their back.

Many believe that camels store and carry water in their hump but the truth is that they carry food for tough times inside their hump. Camels are used for travelling very long distances carrying travelers or traders and goods. Often there is a scarcity of food and for days they have to depend on the hump for supplying necessary nutrition and energy. Without the hump they will die in the middle of desert. Desserts are ruthless and if a camel cannot fend for itself then it will certainly die.

Only matured camels have prominent humps. The baby camels need to eat solid food and only then the humps will appear. The hump on their backs is nothing else but fat. They can store 80 pounds of fat on their hump. When there is acute scarcity of food they sustain their bodies by using the stored fat. It makes up for the absence of both food and water. When the stored fat is consumed the hump loses its upright position. If the camel gets rest and sufficient food then the hump will again return to its previous form. Another cool fact about the camels is that they drink more than 20 gallons of water at once.

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