Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

There you were, relaxing on the couch on a lazy Sunday evening. As if by magic, you begin to feel a gentle tugging sensation in your stomach. It’s your cat’s rhythmic in-and-out paw movements. It’s biscuit time, so you know what’s going on.

So let’s see why do cats make biscuits? Kneading is a feline evolutionary behavior well-known to cat owners and made famous online (#catsmakingbiscuits is a thriving corner of TikTok). Why it’s called “cat making biscuits?” That is because the cat’s motion is very similar to kneading dough. So while your cat may appear to be preparing a dough, it’s not clear why he’s doing it.

This article will tell you why your cat suddenly turned into a baker. So, let’s learn more about our chef; err, we mean our cat.

Why Do Cats Knead Their Owners?

Cats being affectionate to their owners

A Sense of Security and Comfort

When a cat is a kitten, it develops this habit because it craves its mother’s milk. Milk production increases as a result of kneading. However, most cats continue to exhibit this behavior into adulthood, even if they are no longer near their mother. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for adult cats to perform this motion to re-create the soothing sensation of nursing.

A Token of Affection

If your pet curls up on your lap, they may begin kneading. If your cat likes to knead you, don’t punish or chastise it! That is all they want: to be loved by you. The problem is that some cats like to use their claws for kneading, which can cause some discomfort.

Don’t be alarmed; the more it smothers you, the more it adores and cherishes you. But, in addition to showing affection, cats knead their owners as a sign of love.

For cats that are overly excited by their nails, try placing something between your cat’s paws and your lap or rubbing their belly.

To get your cat’s nails trimmed, cut the tip of the nail so that the pawing isn’t as abrasive and avoid being bitten by your pet’s loving claws.

Ownership of a Particular Area

Cats are notoriously possessive creatures who have difficulty letting go of their possessions or owners. As a result, they use a distinctive scent to identify their personal belongings. In addition to this ritualistic cat kneading, cats do it to stimulate the scent glands in the pads on their paws.

When they knead on you or any other soft surface, they delineate their domain; as a result, whether you like it or not, your cat owns you.


When they’ve taken a long nap, cats love nothing more than stretching. Soreness in their legs and back can be relieved by moving around a bit. It is similar to how humans stretch their muscles when they have a sore shoulder, such as kneading.

According to PetMD, cats rely on kneading to relieve stress as humans do. Just because they enjoy it so much, they do so regularly. So they’ll do it all over again after another nap, sometimes on you, sometimes on your couch.

Female Cat “in heat.”

Female cats have another reason for kneading. This fascinating behavior gets even more enjoyable when they’re in “heat,” as commonly referred to. To put it simply, this is what’s known as estrus, or when a female cat (or any female mammal) shows her desire for male attention in various ways.

They knead more frequently to demonstrate to males that they are ready and willing to mate right then and there. It is a viable solution because neutering/spaying your cat reduces and even eliminates this kind of behavior.

Why Do Cats Like to Make Biscuits?

Kittens have a natural propensity for kneading bread dough. Have you ever noticed your kitten kneading on a duvet or your thigh when you were away? You’ve probably noticed how content and almost Yogic cats appear whenever they’re pawing away rhythmically.

Cats can become so absorbed in their kneading that they become aggressive and even dangerous to themselves and others. Even wild cats knead, and if they want a comfortable place to rest, they’ll make a bed out of tall grass they’ve gathered. Isn’t there a place to lay down?

Cats knead for various reasons, including the simple pleasure of the motion.

Weaning Leftovers

We’ll begin by returning to the kitten stage, kneading their mother while nursing stimulates the mother’s milk supply. It is then a joyful and safe period in kittens’ lives when the mother cat is present to care for them and keep them clean and protected.

Kneading is a way for cats to relive the warmth and comfort they felt from their mother’s love as they grew older.

Kittens who have been separated from their mothers too soon are more likely to retain this juvenile trait. Even so, kneading is frequently continued into adulthood because cats associate it with their mother and the sense of security they felt while nursing their young. It provides them with a sense of well-being and security.

Making the Bed

There are several assumptions as to a cat kneads. First and foremost, kneading our hands is just one of the many ways cats express their affection and trust for us by rubbing against us. Whenever a cat is busy baking biscuits, it appears to be completely immersed.

You must meet the needs of a living creature that likes to sleep for up to 18 hours per day with a comfortable sleeping environment. If you don’t get it exactly right the first time, your cat will knead it until it is perfect for you.

Perfume Branding

A cat’s world revolves around the scents it picks up. To communicate with other cats, cats’ pheromone glands produce pheromones.

As long as there are other cats around, the pheromones they leave behind will continue to communicate. To attract other cats that may come across them, cats rely on their unique scents.

The cats’ scent glands, cheeks, flanks, and tail all produce a distinct scent. Therefore, kneading is a method of distributing the fragrance throughout the dough.

Using this technique lets other cats know that one of their numbers has claimed a certain piece of furniture, such as a sofa. Even so, we’ll take them! Congratulations, your cat has taken you in. Your cat engages in this behavior to keep other cats away from you as a means of territorial marking.

What Do Cats Kneading on Blankets Mean?

Cats kneading on blankets

Cats knead any soft object. A blanket is a top candidate for it. Cats instinctively knead on smooth surfaces like blankets, other cats, or your lap. Many cats purr contentedly, fall asleep, or zone out and enjoy the motion of the roller coaster as they ride it.

According to Inverse, kneading is a “juvenile behavior” that kittens use to communicate and “stimulate milk production.” For example, if you’ve ever watched a kitten nursing its mother, you know that kneading, or “making biscuits,” is like that. 

Many cats, however, continue to knead on pillows and other soft objects as adults because it gives them a sense of security and comfort. Also, your adult cats knead the blanket to have a comfortable place to sleep.

Final Words – Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

Even if the puzzle of kneading is never fully unraveled, it appears to bring happiness to our feline friends – and this is something that everyone can appreciate. Not to mention that daily naps on your lap are one of the most effective ways to strengthen your bond with your pet.