Why do cats sleep on your neck and face

Why do cats sleep on your neck and face

Ever wonder why, of all the places in the world, your pet cat always snuggles up to you in the night. And why you kitty prefers sleeping on your neck and face rather than on even the most luxurious mattress? Well, here are some answers that may help answer your questions!

A Warm Feeling

Cats usually hate cold, damp places and always seem to crave for warmth. During the day, they seem to get plenty of heat from places in the house that are exposed to sunlight. But at night, they would want to find the warmest place they can cuddle up in, which happens to be the pillow you sleep on. It is soft, comfortable and extremely warm, thanks to your head! And that is exactly what your cat would want.

Territorial Mark

Cats prefer to mark their territory with their scent. This typically means that anything with a cat’s scent on it cannot belong to another cat without a fight! So when your cat cuddles up on your face or neck at night (because the rest of your body would be hidden under a blanket), the feline pet probably marks you with a scent and warns other cats that you are its property.


A house with several cats will usually have one dominant member taking the highest level to sleep, aka your face. The cat that sleeps on your face or neck is clearly the most dominant of all the other cats in the house which would usually sleep elsewhere alongside your body (for ex: your stomach, legs or feet), or somewhere else in the room.


Cat would feel very safe and protected in some places in the house, including the place beside you on your bed. Your cat probably feels safer when it is sleeping close to your face or neck. This way, it can probably catch a good sleep knowing that you are there to protect your feline friend. What’s more, a slight movement from you would be able to revive her instantly.