Why Do Children Believe in Santa

Why Do Children Believe in Santa

Santa Claus is a mythical figure that kids across the world believe in. They think that Santa visits them every Christmas season and brings gifts for them. That is why they hang their stockings outside the house so Santa may come and fill them with treats and gifts. However, there are several reasons behind this imaginary thought of children.

Perpetuation of Santa myth by parents

Most of the times, children’s belief in Santa is strengthened by their parents who want to secretly give Christmas candies and gifts to their kids. Parents want to make the Christmas season a surprising time for their beloved children. They lie about Santa so children develop a healthy imagination and expect to feel happy by receiving gifts from him. While parents themselves fill up their kids’ stockings with surprising things, they do so to pamper them and make them happier. As children deeply trust their parents, they also believe about Santa’s existence when their parents tell them about him.

Belief in the context

When children are presented a character within a context, they tend to believe it more often than not. Even though they have the power to distinguish between the reality and pretence, they still continue to believe in Santa due to its real acts. When they find gifts every time, they cannot filter this thought that Santa does not being these gifts to them. In fact, this thought is strengthened due to repeated acts of Santa that serve as a real-time context.

Presence of evidence

Children’s thoughts remain firm when there is a presence of evidence regarding what is told to them. When they find gifts from Santa every time on Christmas, their thoughts also get supportive evidence. Some parents even write personal notes to children from Santa, and thus, their beliefs in Santa do not go away.