Why do dogs hate cats

Dog Cat fight

Dogs and cats have been depicted as enemies in cartoon shows and in children books for years. Many a times, we come across a dog chasing a cat and the same has let many people to believe that dogs hate cats like anything. However, different people have different views about the question of dogs hating cats. There are many examples where a dog and a cat live peacefully inside the same house. So, what is it that makes people feel that dogs hate cats.

1. The social styles of the two species could be the reason. While dogs are playful, social and like to mingle with other animals and human beings, cats love being independent and don’t need much of the owners’ attention. Owing to their different social styles, dogs and cats probably don’t get along in a good way.

2. What I feel is that dogs don’t actually hate cats. Dogs are playful animals that love to chase. When they see cats, they take them as something they could chase, which could create a feeling of fear among the cats. The cat starts running away from the dog and the chase is on, which makes us feel that they are enemies.

3. Their body movements could also create misunderstanding. The movement of the wagging tail holds different meanings to the dog and the cat. For a dog, a wagging tail means happiness and friendly behavior. For a cat, it means annoyance and anger. When a dog approaches a cat with its wagging tail, the cat considers it as hostile behavior and starts running away. The chase is on again.

4. A good reason for the cats to hate dogs is the fact that the dogs are hunters after all. They love to chase and hunt almost anything that is moving. Cats feel threatened of this behavior and avoid getting close to the dogs.

Dogs and cats take each other as enemies owing to the misunderstanding from the very beginning. Many people are living with dogs and cats inside the same house, which proves that they can get along. We can say that dogs do not really hate cats and they could be taught to live together peacefully.