Why Do Dogs Shake Themselves

Dogs Shake Themselves

Are you wondering why your dog keeps shaking itself after waking up, during a grooming session or during a bath? There can be several reasons leading a dog to shake its body. Sometimes, the purpose of it is clear, while it could be confusing at other times. Check out if any of the following reasons could be the cause of body shaking in your dog.

To Get Dry

You would have noticed a dog shaking itself continuously after a bath or a swim. This is a normal way for them to get dry. In longhaired breeds or breeds with undercoats, shaking and drying is a survival strategy. Dogs lack defensive abilities if they are wet and soaked with water. Shaking helps them dry faster.

To Get Rid of Irritation

If dogs feel irritated due to some itching on their bodies, they start shaking themselves. As they cannot reach all body parts with ease, this is one way for them to get rid of their itching problem.

To Get Rid of Non-Existing Bugs

Dogs always have an instinct that some bugs or dirt is attached to their bodies. You would have observed dogs shaking themselves after a sleep. It is because of the same instinct. Since dogs mostly sleep on the ground, they experience bugs and insects crawling on them. Through a shake, they want to remove these existing or non-existing bugs on their bodies.

To Get Off an Emotion

When dogs receive a hug or pat under any type of emotional moment, they shake themselves to get off this emotion so they may get back to a normal state. According to some experts, they want to walk it all off.

To Recover from Invasive Touching and Tensions

Dogs also shake themselves when they receive a grooming session or vigorous touch. It is a way for them to recover to a normal state. They might also shake their bodies when they are nervous or uncomfortable in a given environment.