Why Do Excel Files Open in Internet Explorer


Does it happen to you that you click on an Excel file link and end up opening it in Internet Explorer? If you have faced this issue, then you might want to know why this happens. Many people wonder about it when their Excel documents open up in this Web browser rather than opening in the appropriate Office program. When you happen to look at it, you would notice that it is usually an HTML link to an Excel document that you have been trying to open.

HTML links to Office documents usually open in Internet Explorer while treating this browser as a default option for doing so. The same might happen to your other Office documents like Word files. All these HTML file links select Internet Explorer to open up. This majorly happens because this particular Web browser is configured in such a way that it hosts documents or files for different Office programs. When your Excel file opens up in this browser, it is due to the same configuration of Internet Explorer for hosting all your Excel documents.

Due to this default setting of Internet Explorer’s configuration with the Excel program installed on your computer, all your clicked Excel file links end up opening in this browser and not in the installed program. While this is a default configuration, it is always possible to resolve this issue if you want to open your Excel files in the installed Office program. You will only be required to alter some settings on your computer, as well as in the configuration options of Internet Explorer.

You would usually find an advanced option in Internet Explorer that allows you to open specified file types in the browser itself. You can always change this setting according to your convenience and can also open Excel files in the appropriate program.