Why do furniture make noise

why do furniture make noise 

While noise coming from your neighbors is irritating, noise from the furniture within your home is equally irritating. You might have noticed that furniture creak at night as soon as your electric devices like TV, laptop, toaster and others are off. The noise sometimes is loud enough to keep you awake the whole night. However, you just need to know certain things to keep that unwanted noise away from your homes.


The noise from the furniture   due to the insects, termites precisely. Yes, you can hear termites if there are enough of them and making noise together. The noise might also be due to the beetles larvae (borers). You can take the help of a peat manager to inspect and confirm the infestation, if any without damaging your wood. This can be healed by fumigation or heat treatment.

Exposure to environment

When the furniture is exposed to heat on a sunny day, the furniture expands. However, when it’s not that warm during nights the furniture contracts which makes it creak . This happens when a substance is exposed to heat which gives the particles in it energy to vibrate more rapidly or in other words, the internal energy of the substance is increased considerably.

Furthermore, wood has the tendency to soak up and let go moisture from and to the air. With this thing going on almost every season, furniture joints will become loose in the process. This means, the older your furniture, the more noise it makes. The result is sounds of creaks, squeaks and other audible clunks.