Why Do Home Doors Open Inward

Home Doors Open Inward

Have you ever noticed that your home doors mostly open inward? Although many public doors open outward, you would mostly find your home doors not opening outward. There are several reasons why home doors are designed like that. Check out some of these common reasons.

For design advantages

A basic doorway is designed quite simply by attaching a large board to a frame using hinges. In a home, this design offers various advantages. First, it can be easily designed and installed. Another advantage is its being easy to be repaired, if required. Such a design also makes it easy to disassemble the door. Thus, the design advantages motivate builders to make such doors for your homes.

For safety purposes

The hinges used in home doors are positioned inward so nobody can remove them from outside. With inward hinges, your door will always open inward. Thus, you have the safety from any intrusions. Although the same may be required in public buildings, the builders also have to take care of some other emergency safety concerns before designing public doors. Thus, public doors open outward unlike your home doors.

For ease of entry, especially during bad weather

Imagine you having full hands and opening a home door by pulling it. Isn’t it more difficult than to simply push a door to open it? That is the exact convenience received through a door that opens inward. You do not have push it and go around to get in. In the same way, your home door opens inward so you do not accidentally bang it on the face of your visitor. At some places where you have snowfall, it can become a problem opening the door outward. Thus, it is far easier to handle things when your home door opens inward. You are greatly benefitted from an inward door, as even high winds cannot rip it off its hinges.